Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Women prefer Smartphone to men

Women prefer Smartphone to men
According to a study conducted by the English newspaper Daily Mail, men are not against Smartphone of these young ladies. A poll with 4000 women shows that 4 out of 10 women would be devastated if they lose their phone, however 3 out of 10 without their boyfriend, other believe that they may well live without human life. Another survey aimed at the 20 things that women cherish more than anything, place the mobile phones in the third position, two places above their boyfriends! Unfortunately, this survey does not specific information, such as the age of the participants or their pace of life, this kind of details could have a little more understanding to the results. However, I would like to make a conclusion as a woman: a Smartphone is much more faithful you gentlemen! Good ok, well joke, without having to return to the emancipation of women and all that goes with, if I had the opportunity to make this survey, I would have placed my man before my Smartphone, for the sole reason that even if technology allows many things, nothing is more effective than a man to take out the rubbish!

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