Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dependence on the Internet

dependency on technology of the Internet
Our increasing dependency on technology of the Internet as a pillar of a global society seems unprecedented. Many aspects of international trade and finance are today dependent on the integrity and the State of the global connectivity of the Internet. The choices that we operate on the way we govern Internet technology could have a large impact on the economic, social and environmental sustainability. Deregulation in many industrialized countries has encouraged an explosion of communication offers. Telephone, cable television and Internet service providers invading each in the traditional market of the other leading to a convergence of technologies related to the voice, data and computer available using a combination of new and old infrastructure. These trends suggest a future in which anyone can connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime, and a future in which the Internet will be the cornerstone of all exchanges of information and all communications. In other words, the future of the global connectivity comes down to that of the Internet itself. It is essential to deepen our understanding of the critical uncertainties regarding the Internet of the future if we want to understand the form that could take the global connectivity system. Policies and agreements put in place by multilateral agencies, international and national to address critical Internet uncertainties could play a fundamental role to guide the evolution of the global connectivity system and determine if the transformations it will contribute to global sustainability. Thus, the fact of not to consider how technology choices could limit the access and use by new players could lead to a slowdown in the adoption of the Internet and the fact that the last few billion users no additional never to the community users of the Internet or have only partial access. In addition, do not resolve disputes about what is perceived as inequalities could lead some decision-makers to choose the path of the fragmentation of the Internet as a last resort to meet their local needs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The French trace good business 5 h per week on the internet

French women and the purchase on internet
Addicted to shopping have a new hunting ground: internet. According to a study published and commissioned by eBay and sites, the French spend on average five hours per week on e-commerce sites and more than 52% buy online at least once a month. Clothing and accessories are the most frequently purchased products, to cultural products and cosmetics, said the press release. Women at home before seeking on the canvas a saving of time and money. They spend an hour less than the general population of women in e-commerce, or four hours per week, but they are more demanding on the time and the cost of delivery. Only 18% of women in General and 16% of women in the home are food shopping on the web. However, 10 6 greet the possibility to order on the internet and remove articles hours after in a point of physical withdrawal. 58% visit sites of sales between individuals and opportunity and 51% private sales sites. More than a third (36%) were tested for grouped purchases, 15% have already purchased via a mobile phone and 9% with a tablet.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Google confirms: opening of the ebookstore in France

The news shook the French internet. Since the announcement of the launch of Google Play, the next platform bringing together a whole of dematerialized content, the rumor grew up an opening of the ebookstore in France. Finally a digital books sold by the California company in France?Soon, peacefully comments Philippe Colombet, Director of Google Books. That book fair requires, the eyes move it away never too much of what Google can do in the field. Thus, Antoine Gallimard announced that the national Union of the Edition and the firm, would ultimately achieve reach agreement on digital abusively works. Between the aisles of the show, the statement of the President of the NIS, it murmurait that not only the law on digitization of unavailable works, but more importantly, the investigation a threat to Apple and the publishers, would encourage the Google giant pressing a little the not. Strategically, Google would even interest to make it fast. It is not a question of context, but rather will reciprocal to reach an agreement with French publishers.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Internet: Fifth power of the world

The internet access
If Internet was a country, it would be the fifth economic power in the world to the year 2016.
The world population is estimated at 7 billion according to the Organization of the United Nations. End of 2011, the Internet user population is estimated for its part to 2.3 billion. For The Boston Consulting Group, this user population will reach 3 billion in 2016. And if the Internet were a country, it would be the fifth economic power in the world. According to a study by the consulting firm in management and business strategy, the Internet economy represent 4 200 billion in the countries of the g-20, against 2 300 billion in 2010.
According to BCG, the Internet economy should contribute to 12.4% of the gross domestic product of the United Kingdom in 2016. The highest rate in the South Korea (8%), China (6.9%), the India and the Japan (5.6%), United States (5.4%).
@ Logo for the European Union, the average rate would be 5.7%, higher than the France with 3.4% (2.9% in 2010). In France, the e-commerce should in particular represent 46 billion from $ 27 billion in 2010 in 2016.
In countries such as the France but also the Germany and China, the study points out that small and medium-sized businesses a relationship active with consumers via the Internet had sales that grew faster (up to 22 points) than with a discrete or non-existent on the Internet presence.
Easier than a deprivation of the Internet
BCG CITES elsewhere a fun survey. Thus, 69% of the French are ready to dispense with alcohol rather than private Internet for one year. They are 16% say it would be easier to give up sex, while 5% prefer not shower rather than give up Internet.

Friday, March 23, 2012

SFR square Web 24/24: calls and more, the internet less.

The internet access
Sole discretion, SFR has just added a new package: square Web Special Edition 24/24. As its name indicates, it calls in unlimited, but internet access is now blocked to 1 GB. Indeed, on other packages square Web 2 H and 3 H (the latter also is Special Edition), it was a Fair use of 1 GB and 2 GB respectively. If access to the Hot spot Wi - Fi operator course of the party, this is not the case of the Multisurf option that is included on the Special Edition square Web 3 H.
Here are the details of this new square Web Special Edition 24/24 package (note that he was already proposed for February 2, but in the form of a Multi-pack with an access only):
-Unlimited calls
-SMS and unlimited MMS
-Access to the internet 3 G + (up to 21.6 Mbps following cities) at 1 GB
-Price with a mobile subsidized: €59 with a commitment of 12 months and €49 over 24 months
-ECO version price: €47 without commitment, €42 12 months and €37 over 24 months
On voice communications, you will not exceed 3 hours per call, subject to be charged in off package (€0.38 / minute). For SMS and MMS, the same limit on previous offers is: not more than 200 correspondents for each period of 24 hours, which is largely reasonable.
Side tariff, it fits so exactly at the same level as the square Web 2 hours. For recall, it also offers unlimited calls to the choice: to 5 numbers any operator, or from 20: 00 to 8: 00 pm. For the same price, you can choose between unlimited calls, either access to the internet with Fair use.
With the options, the live answering machine (listening to a message deposit and recovery) is available for €1 per month, and Spotify and the Multisurf for €10 each. You however have access to live TV on request (note that the data is counted against your quota of 1 GB). In any event, you can also receive free of charge of the Femto-Cell for a good 3 G coverage at home.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The internet, first world travel agency and Kingdom of the system.

Internet and travel
They remain close to home or travel the world, vacationers organize more and more their own trips, direct consequence of the internet become the location of all the possible and the Kingdom of the system, let alone at the time of the tablets and smartphones.
The largest Agency of travel in the world today, it is the internet: everywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With the particularity that it is in your pocket. The internet has allowed a diversification of the offer of tickets and travel and tracking practices and acts of consumer purchase, enthusiasts of good offers. If the show global tourism in Paris, which runs from Thursday to Sunday, hoping to revive activity tense three years for tour operators and travel agents, particularly because the Arab spring that collapse in 2011 destinations lighthouse as the Egypt or the Tunisia package tours, all is well in contrast with the holidays online. Travel has become the most important market of e-commerce in France, both in terms of penetration - more than one Internet user on two purchased travel online - and in terms of value: sales soared to EUR 12 billion in 2011, an increase of 14%, a total of 37 billion for e-commerce.And, whether sites "B to C" tickets or tours sold directly to the consumer, or "C to C" such as for example private rentals or exchanges of apartments, all growing. With the arrival of the "silver surfers", these seniors acquired charms of the internet, the generational perspective, which was initially users were rather young - but also urban, graduates and male, it is gradually closed. Today, a visitor in five reserve its rental via the internet. And more in addition to consumers to concoct Web holidays tailor-made, for ease of reference, because the supply is abundant, that they believe in a so lean addition or because that malignant purchase has a playful dimension. "We Exchange then advice on social networks or dinners".The great phenomenon today of the tourist attitude, it is the in-house. Tourism is no longer in the hands of tour operators. With internet platforms, it is what you want. People know to fend for themselves, to make their holidays. They enjoy a more personalized stay. Tourism Web sites abound, but the browsers and other internet tools help to sort and identify images.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Internet Explorer and Firefox attack targeted ads

the ads targeted
New versions of the two browsers incorporate tools against the advertising trace on the Internet. The Obama administration wants a Charter on the right to privacy.
Internet browsers, which competed long on the display speed, pages and security are now seeking to better ensure the confidentiality of the data of their users. New version of Internet Explorer released Monday includes for the first time of tools to limit or remove the targeted advertising. The new Firefox, the final version is expected next week, will propose a comparable function.
Advertising targeting, advertisers can display advertising banners adapted to the profile and habits of navigation of Internet users. Thus, the visitor of a site of commerce seeking to buy a television set will include advertisements for flat screens on the other sites that he will travel later, getting them to finalize its purchase. These ads, very effective, are generally sold more expensive. But tracing is little appreciated by Internet users.
Reluctant advertising boards: now, users of Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 can ask visited Internet sites to stop this targeting with a new trial, called "Do Not Track" ("no tracking"). Their request is transmitted in the HTTP header, which already passes other information, such as the browser version and operating system used. In addition, IE9 also relies on a system of blacklists that block cookies from advertising boards. Plugins for Firefox and Chrome, such as AdBlock Plus, to get the same result.
Only black lists are effective for the time being, as advertising boards do not yet committed themselves to meet the new statement "Do Not Track" transmitted by the browsers, and disseminate instead of non-targeted advertising. The advertising industry more campaigns for self-regulation. Google, for example, proposes to disable advertising of its DoubleClick governance system by manually installing a cookie in their Internet browser. But this option is little put forward, and therefore little known.
The statement "Do Not Track" is in fact not the business of advertising authorities, who may find themselves diving in the fog. At a recent meeting with Mozilla leaders, advertisers have accused developers of Firefox to "break the Web and its economic model", recently told the President of the Foundation, Gary Kovacs. The integration of blockers pop - ups as soon as early versions of Firefox had already sounded the death knell of this advertising format.
-A Charter of the right to privacy: the resistance of the world of Internet advertising may have a time. The US Government Wednesday asked Congress to vote a Charter of the right to the privacy of Internet users, while the regulator of commerce, the FTC, argues since December to impose the system "Do Not Track" on the Internet. A proposal of joint act of US Senator John Kerry and Republican John McCain is in preparation: American political pressure will have immediate repercussions outside the United States, because only one version of these browsers is proposed in the world. The W3C Internet standards body, will examine the various initiatives of the actors of the Web on advertising targeted a workshop planned end of April. In France, the professionals of the sector and the Government signed early October a Charter, which was to lead to a platform where users should be able to refuse the targeted advertising.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Addiction and Internet: addiction similar to that of the drug and alcohol

Addiction and Internet
Internet is more and more at the centre of our daily lives. Obvious disruption is found on our social behaviour and our spirit. Without for the moment to take all the consequences, more in addition to researchers study the effects of the uses of the Internet. The bumps to the Web people would suffer brain changes similar to those dependent on drugs or alcohol. Internet addiction is a clinical disorder marked by the use of the Internet out of all control. Also called computer addiction or cyberaddiction, this mental health disorder becomes more present since the onset of the Internet in all sectors of society. In this sense, a research team led by Dr. Hao Lei of the China Academy of Sciences in Wuhan, conducted a scanner in the brains of 35 men and women aged between 14 and 21 years. Seventeen of them were classified as having Internet addiction disorders. These results have been completed including on the basis of a specific questionnaire. For the study, a specific brain MRI showed changes in the white matter of the brain part that contains nerve fibres for classified people as being addicted to the Web, from the non-toxicomanes. Researchers have noticed evidence of disruption of connections in nerve fibres connecting the areas of the brain involved in emotion, decision making and self control.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The euro is dead long live the Europe of the homelands and projects

Explosion of the buying Euro
It must suddenly said: the euro is dead because it is destroyed itself. The existence of the European Union (EU) as it was deconstructed since the single act and the Maastricht Treaty vote, the euro system and the policy of the European Central Bank (ECB) have been as instruments of financial globalization. Although the United Kingdom is not member of the euro area, it is the inspiration of the City of London and the governance of the British Empire in its monetarist form Anglo-American, which prevailed on the European continent. The approach of the EU, the ECB and the euro area has led to the strangulation of the Member States for the benefit of a financial system operating mainly from London, with the ideology of the British Empire. His weapon and his means of blackmail are the debt of the States and the ability to speculate on this debt continuously and at the speed of light. The approach of the EU, the ECB and the euro area has led to the strangulation of the Member States for the benefit of a financial system operating mainly from London, with the ideology of the British Empire. His weapon and his means of blackmail are the debt of the States and the ability to speculate on this debt continuously and at the speed of light. However Europe should no longer be the horse of Trojan of financial globalization but a locomotive of the global recovery.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Explosion of the buying Euro

Explosion of the buying Euro
It is true, at the beginning it had confused by the change of scale, upset by creeping inflation that each trader seemed to want to impose through the transition to the euro as a pretext; then from time it was accustomed and same attaché. Today it is serious issue to return to the franc and the mark. The end of the euro is no longer a taboo subject. The magnitude of the crisis, growing, economic but also cultural imbalances which appear to be away more than never virtuous countries of unruly pigs in the South, the increasing cost of a possible rescue and pressure of public opinion who tolerate evil of the imposition of austerity cures caused by others, are stabbed in the back of the euro already poorly at point. The political class, belief or populism, begins to take advantage. Economists also, before the severity of the situation, wondering if the abandonment of the single currency would not finally be the cheapest solution. This is of course difficult to the heart to abandon the main European project of the two decades but should we not also know sometimes recognize a failure?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Explosion of the euro: London prepares for the disappearance of the euro

Disappearance of the Euro.
London, it is the authorities that evoke, in oblique terms, the question. For example, a head of the financial services Authority said that British banks must be ready to face all the possibilities, even the worst. Prime Minister David Cameron was similarly the subject a few days ago. "Here, outside the euro, it must prepare for all eventualities and that is exactly what we do." Then in such an eventuality, the companies test different methods to escape the disaster scenario. Place of currency reserves in secure investments and reduce expenditures which are not essential: this is the measures taken by the companies concerned. They put in place plans to limit their spending, or then place reservations where they will be most in security, including central banks. The Financial Times referred to the example of Siemens, which has its own bank for more than a year, to reduce its dependence on institutions affected by the crisis, and places the European Central Bank funds. The first brokerage company for exchange rates and Government bonds, said late November that it tested its trading system so that it is resistant to a collapse of the euro area. And it is not the only one, the leader of an investment fund a England also said that a team of 20 people in its business entirely devoted to the management of all possible scenarios.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Disappearance of the Euro.

Explosion of the buying Euro
Unthinkable there is still some months, European countries échafauderaient plans for break-up of the eurozone. National banks plancheraient including on the possibility of reviving their old national currencies, they print more since the launch of the euro in January 2002.
At least one of 17 banks in the eurozone, the Bank of Ireland, would think about the possibility to print its own banknotes and restart so its own currency, says the American daily. And according to rumors, the Greece Bank would secretly visit of drachmas, the official currency Greek before the adoption of the euro. However, a spokesperson for the Bank denied these noises.
At the same time, many central banks outside the euro area preparing defensive measures in case of disappearance of the European currency. In particular, the Switzerland Bank would think about the possibility of replacing the single currency, currently used as a reference for the Swiss franc Mint, by another currency or basket of currencies. In Montenegro, the official currency is the euro although the country does not belong to the euro area, policy makers are considering "a wide panel of opportunities ranging from the use of another official currency at the launch of their own currency". However, the Central Bank of Montenegro is not allowed to hit its currency. Similarly, Bosnia or the Latvia whose currencies are indexed on the euro reflected also in possible exchange replacements.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Explosion of the euro: companies have already started to prepare the upheaval

Explosion of the buying Euro
Journalists met with dozens of officials of multinationals. Their question was simple: do you envisage the end of the euro? And the answers, in their vast majority, positive. The leaders of large companies already to think about the consequences of the demise of the single currency, and try to anticipate it. Why make such projections? Business leaders look for several weeks the European leaders to fight to try to control the sovereign debt crisis or raise the output of the Greece of the euro area. In this context, they are many to estimate that it is now necessary to prepare against a possible disappearance of the single currency. However, in the business community, it seems that this perspective is increasingly considered: in mid-November, on the other shows that about 250 economists almost half think that the euro as we know not survive in its current form. The impact of such a scenario on their activities would be important if countries of the euro, there is a risk of devaluations which will increase significantly the price of imports. And business leaders are not alone in the scenario.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The dangers of the Internet

The Internet
You've probably already seen on the internet: a simple and fast method to earn between 2000 and 3000 Euros per day!
It abundant on the unscrupulous sites that speak of sports betting. Some call it the fault of Betandwin, others the method of recurring earnings or even method "Half time/full Time. Some of you have lost a lot of money using this method, which leads us to talk about. First of all, be aware that this method does only one thing: make you lose money! Cybercriminals have found a new field to implement their scams: online poker. The risk comes not sites of game, which platforms are sufficiently secure, but users. It identified the most common attack scenarios. What most declinations of scams already well distributed on the Web. The most common tactic seems inspired by the scam to the "Nigerian". In the case of poker, cybercriminals do not promise the transfer of a legacy for the bank details of their victims, but one of hundreds of euros to spend in a casino credit online. The email announcing the "false news" contains a link which leads to a false game site where banking information will be collected by the swindlers. Another scam in vogue is to send an alert to users warning a concern on their online gaming account. They are then invited to go on a Web page to a site colors and provide their personal data to solve the problems. Of course, these information will be used to get the true site of game and steal the money deposited in the account. There still the scenario is not new, this Phishing technique is already widespread: it often is to impersonate a bank or provider of access to personal data. Of false software supposed to to see the set of opponents. To thwart these attempts to scam, nothing beats the vigilance. No game site ask users to provide username and password by e-mail. Better therefore to throw in the trash any message using this type of query. And, in case of doubt on the reliability of a site, it is sufficient to see if well holds an accreditation issued by the regulatory authority of the games (Arjel) online. But the strings used by cybercriminals are not always obvious. They also use spyware and Trojan horses. "The harmful program is able to wake up only when the user logs on a gaming site." "Some are also able to search these data of connection in the computer files." They also resort to the sale of pseudo-logiciels, which for example would see the opponents cards. At best the surfer will be paid a certain amount for a totally ineffective program. At worst, the latter may contain malicious code and the Bank coordinates used for the purchase will be increasingly diverted by cybercriminals. To counter these dangers, the regular updating of applications installed on the computer with the antivirus is recommended, as the use of a firewall. Advice affecting not only the safety of the players, but of all Internet users.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The latest trends of the new technology

New technology even for the elderly
The new technology products have become indispensable for the seniors. Seniors thus closely follow the latest trends in the field that could improve their communication with their loved ones. Their tools of choice are the computer with which they can surf on the Web. Phones and tablets are also very attractive. Statistics have shown that the persons over 50 years represent major consumers in the sector. Manufacturers develop products suited to seniors. Tablets and computers dedicated to older people offer very practical applications to facilitate their use. Voice and touch computers are designed for people over 75 years. They can learn the new technology equipment to avoid the digital divide. Great elders, over 80 years, are not forgotten. They have at their disposal the latest creations of gerontechnology.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Technology touch screen for interactive communication in your company or your store!

Screen touch 23 Samsung 230TSn dynamic display
SAMSUNG's MagicInfo ™ is the dynamic display solution for companies who want to benefit from the advantages of the dynamic display without a PC dedicated to each screen. Perfectly adapted to airports, hotels, malls, offices, reception areas of companies, theatres, museums, exhibitions and sports venues. MagicInfo ™ sends media files (photo, audio and video) and Office (Power Point, Excel, Word, HTML and PDF) from a server to screens connected to a local network according to a preset programming. This technology generates significant savings and improve the dissemination of information.
Flat screen LCD 23 'with touch screen'.
Drive integrated multimedia network.
Dimensions (WxDxH): 64 cm x 19.2 cm x 42 cm - with stand. Weight: 7 kg.
Image report: 16: 9 .hd ready 1080p. Resolution: 1920 x 1080.
VGA and DVI.
dynamic contrast ratio: 5000: 1.
USB port: 4.
Is no built-in TV tuner. 2 speakers and integrated infrared remote control.
Microsoft certification. Works with Windows Vista.
Energy Star.
3-year warranty.

Dependence on the Internet


Unable to control their cravings to surf the Internet have serious neurological problems comparable to cocaine and crystal meth consumers according to a recent study.
Internet addiction disorder is described as pathological Internet use causing distress marked that can have a significant impact at school, at work or in family relations.
Those in which there was a heavy dependence on Internet had a deterioration of the material responsible for the processing of emotions, attention and decision making. The deterioration of this material is also observed in people with obsessive compulsive disorders.
They also recorded in those who were dependent on Internet of the anxiety disorder symptoms.
For many experts, Internet addiction is becoming a serious mental health issue everywhere in the world while others feel rather than a normal human behavior.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

First disaster of YouTube in the world: a year later, how the tsunami has changed in the Japan (and the world) forever

It is the disaster at the Japan tore and costs tens of thousands of lives. But it was also the first natural disaster to play in real time on the new 24 hours and especially through social media channels. Around the world, people was planted with horror in front of millions of computers and television screens as large waves relieve everything in their path. Here, the correspondent of CNN KYUNG LAH recalled a day terrible destruction and how his country has been changed forever.The Japanese are proud as a culture of emotional restraint and decorum. I had rarely seen a flicker of emotion on a Japanese public street of passers-by, especially during an earthquake. A year after, and the power of the disaster is now fully understood around the world, thanks in large part to the incredible video shot on mobile phones by those caught at the epicentre. The Japan each person has at least a mobile phone, and when the tsunami tore its northeast coast, removed thousands of device in their pockets and began shooting, the disaster of the year last of history more registered around the world.
A year later, there is also the voice of anger and protest. The city of Tomioka silk mill is within the area of Government evacuation. But this does not preclude Naoto Matsumura, 52, a lifelong farmer resident and the fifth generation, refusing to take account of the mandatory evacuation since nuclear fusion. "I am full of rage," said Matsumura. "This is why I am still here." I refuse to leave and let go of the anger and grief. I cry when I see my hometown. The Government and the people of Tokyo know what happens really here. 
His mistrust began with a simple desire to feed the animals on his farm. The Government evacuated 78 000 people around the plant explosion without a plan to save the pets and valuable animals. Matsumura began to feed his own animals, desperate cats and dogs in the neighbourhood started appear. He began to feed too and decided that he could not leave to die. When Matsumura was a lack of food, he slid out of the box, purchased dog and cat food, and then dragged into the city.
Carcasses of animals of the litter box. It is shameful, said Yasunori Hoso with United Kennel Club Japanese.We kept asking the Government to save these animals from the beginning of the disaster. It must have been a way to save the people and animals at the same time following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Tube: The most popular destination on the Internet.

You Tube
YouTube is by far the most popular destination on the Internet for the video, most of which has been posted by users. Almost two-thirds of all video displays in the United States and around the world occur on YouTube. Its success was based on its software rendering for computer users to download videos easily, and the effect that only the most important network that has been loaded, more attractive where the site has become for viewers and for others, seeking to share the content. Google has tried to work with the major media companies to find a way that they could take advantage of the ubiquity of YouTube is a formula that attracts heavy traffic and to attract more publicity, YouTube is working to add more professionally produced video.

Teaming with a powerful partner.

In early November 2011, it was announced that Disney Interactive Media and YouTube would spend a combined 10 million to 15 million for the original video series. short films will be produced by Disney and distributed on a co-branded on and YouTube channel. The channel will also feature video amateur from the torrent downloaded on YouTube every day. The alliance was striking because it tacitly recognized the weaknesses of each company. Disney, working on a redesign of its Web site, conceded that his own brand was not a strong enough draw in children looking for online video; YouTube is considered as more fresh. Disney will go fishing youth on YouTube YouTube faced a significant part of its own something site that the company hopes will be cajoling kids to stay longer.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mobile 3gp for YouTube free videos

You Tube
As the mobile device technology is of paramount importance in modern society, applications and software that run on it. Such is the case with the third generation Partner Ship Project and the popular file format, 3gp (or 3gpp). This format file or container is used on most 3 G and 4 G multimedia mobile, specifically for watching videos and movies.
The main reason 3gp has been accepted universally is because of the efficiency with which 3gp videos can be compressed. This allows users to improve transfer time additional disk space and save on the cost of data. The YouTube Fans can easily save a whole channel or playlist to a portable device after converting clips to the video file format mobile 3gp. Since the arrival of 3gp, demand for file-sharing Web sites that allow users to download videos in 3gp increased significantly over time. In they provide not only a downloader of YouTube high range, but also provide our own selection of clip video downloads a variety of personal-type 3gp clips submitted by users and the free members of this Web site. Of course, all the videos, free 3gp clips, which can be downloaded and registered in almost any kind of laptop or a computer.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Statistics of the year 2011 for You Tube

Mine video
Mine of videos, YouTube has emerged as the video sharing service online after only a few years of existence and its acquisition by the Google giant. Simple appearance, YouTube offers some interesting features. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge in this area. You Tube did not exist only a few years ago. Hard to take back on the subject, the site being so returned in our habits than might be thought that he has always been there. Yet it is among videos online the most practice by Internet users. The numbers rotate the head. Nearly 500 million users each month, a duration of passage changing between 15 and 25 minutes a day, more than 35 hours of digitalised video every minute. And this is just the beginning. Before the end of the year 2011 the last balance sheets arrive. This time, it was the YouTube online video platform that gives some impressive figures on the activity of users. Therefore, one learns that Internet users have watched 1 billion videos in the year 2011.
And if you want to have a global trend of the most popular videos on YouTube in 2011, see this video:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Internet: the dangers of virtual reality

Danger of the internet
Internet and sex
Could you imagine that a child taperait zoo or animal on its search engine is likely to arrive at a list of animal sites? Indeed, the Internet cares well borders and laws! Many unscrupulous companies understood as porn sites business now represents the bulk of sales of commercial sites. In the absence of a police force of the Internet, and the possibility to enforce specific laws applicable, all remains therefore allowed on the canvas. In France, the gendarmerie and the police track down pedophiles, neo-Nazi or terrorist sites. For other categories, to parents to fend for themselves! That is why it is possible today to a child, through a search on the basis of trivial keywords, falling on one of these millions of pornographic sites! 4% of site visitors have less than 14 years and on average spend 26 minutes per month! I have been confronted with only left children before their computer and surfing for months, see years, without parental control. It is difficult, after these ravages, the child who will become teenager build a sexuality without problems. We have in mind these various facts growing children or pre teens committing rape on images or video views on some sites.

Internet: the dangers of virtual reality

Internet and children
The Net addiction.
Youth do not spontaneously perceive the internet as a place of hazards or risks. It is imperative to secure children conversations in the salons of discussion (cats) use a parental control software. and never leave a single child on internet, should impose a time limit, and information on what site it goes, nothing does replace the alertness of parents, so long as the authorities have neither the will nor the means to tackle the dangers of the Internet. The progression
the use of the internet is particularly sensitive to the young public. Cats also pose a potential danger that is overlooked. The child used in this style of conversation disconnects from reality invents a virtual world which it is difficult to get out. He spent almost no time his computer in this world disconnecting before its television without talking about the accumulation of the two. Youth today as some adults are more and more pushed to a race to productivity to be the best to do still better in this virtual world they build a world in the image of what a bubble which detains sooner or later asked. Even if it does not appear to need to be applied, in the case of parents failing to monitor, for example the developments of their child on the internet. This new virtual world drug as long as parent or educator we have duty to monitor, control what do our children, even more on the internet of today and tomorrow.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Internet: the dangers of virtual reality

The internet and its danger

Chinese researchers studied the brains of persons dependent on the World Wide Web. Abuse of the Internet proves to be as destructive to the human leads system than alcohol or cigarettes.
It is the white matter of the brain that is reached, especially areas that are responsible for emotional processing. "The person loses control of the situation and his life and Internet becomes a kind of substitute for the reality." Internet addiction manifests itself in more ways. But its main symptom is what the person to disconnect from reality, it is surexcitée but shows signs of apathy when it comes to act in real life, she has found it difficult to make a decision, it has sleep disorders.
Mental state is closely related to the physical condition, the person becomes quickly apathetic, takes the weight, moving little. She lost the notion of time and prefer virtual friends real friends.
This study, it was commissioned by the Chinese leadership including the breakdown for the Internet is well known? The Chinese seek autonomy in all areas including Internet. They are trying to make minimal outside influence. Their objective is to preserve their national identity as Internet is not always a source of positive influence. One remembers all wars won on the canvas, revolutions organized via social networks. It therefore shared the concern of the Chinese leadership but it is not the Internet influence on the political level but that exercised on the individual plan.

The dependence of the internet for Asian

The dependence of the internet for Asian
Want to catch in new technologies, Beijing seems also to be advanced on the treatment of "perversions" that can lead this new universe! China could become the first country in the world to classify "Internet addiction" as "clinical disease". A manual written by a conclave of psychologists Chinese on the subject, and now submitted to the Ministry of health for validation. "If this is the case, China will become the first country to recognize the  IAD (Internet addiction disorder) as a disease at the same level as alcoholism or addiction to the game.
The two main symptoms would spend more than 6 hours per day on the Internet or have violent and uncontrolled reactions when it is unable to connect. The most common deviations would be then the game and betting on Internet, online porn, the too strong commitment in virtual social networks or too many "shopping" on the Web. 10% of the 40 million minor Chinese Internet users would be with this addiction, crimes committed by minors would be linked to the Internet. To do this, the problem of dependence on the Chinese internet is more serious than in the West.
Article does not mention the growing trend of 250 million Chinese Internet users to denounce the injustices and abuse of authority as deviance. The fact that the Internet, even under control, or many Chinese the only real area of freedom of expression is not for nothing in their dependence on the computer. But Chinese people is emerging on the Web is sometimes watched with concern from the Chinese authority.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

1 billion users in August 2012

Evolution of Facebook
With 1 connected to the network to 10 inhabitants of this planet, Facebook would be the 3rd country in the world and its capital would be Jakarta! All facebooker designed you a chart showing the evolution of the number of active accounts on the network, indeed, the 665 million and more identified users today do not represent as individuals! Business accounts, double or triple accounts, fake profiles, the creators of groups are taken into account. Currently and since his breakthrough in the summer 2008, the network welcomed 100 million new accounts every 6 months! This figure is an average (500 million in two years and a half) and the current trend is even closer to 5 months, which shows that the phenomenon has not yet reached the level of maturity! According to the US agency iCrossing, the social network Facebook could cross the bar of the 1 billion users by the year 2012. Taking into account its pace, this symbolic cap could be achieved as early as August. At the beginning of the year, Facebook has just over 800 million of registered. Just go to Facebook? That who can stop the network in its development? Is the network on the way to the 1 billion?

Evolution of Facebook

Evolution of Facebook

If some like MySpace remains essential, it is Facebook who knows the most impressive progress and great enthusiasm, to such point that each new statistics on the number of users is already expired at the time of its publication. Created in 2006, it has 150 million users worldwide in January 2009. The French version was released online in March 2008. A view of its evolution gives an idea on this explosive power mounted order. Facebook can create a job for many person. The platform would be the origin of nearly $ 1.9 billion of economic activity in France. Hundreds of companies have activity to create applications in the areas of the game, entertainment and services for Facebook. This "economy apparatus" argued, according to the study, 2 100 jobs in France in 2011. The launch, last week, applications timeline should still contribute to the dynamism of this ecosystem. Facebook is an ecosystem of publishers of software and services company in full  growth that will create applications and innovative services of tomorrow. This ecosystem is the symbol of the digital economy is growing despite the current economic crisis

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Evolution de Facebook

Evolution of Facebook
Since its launch, Facebook continues to evolve its functionality and uncover new opportunities, not only to meet the needs of growing Internet users to use the platform but also to to seduce new. And improvements in the social network are not ready to stop. Facebook has announced that in the coming weeks, everyone will to the new version of the profiles, probably the most significant change since the arrival of the wall and the flow. You will have seven days of preview, to add or hide what you want, before that everyone can see, specific network.
The announcement is not a surprise! By unveiling the product at the F8 Conference, Facebook had indicated that ultimately everyone should migrate. It is not really a question of aesthetics, but rather functional. Timeline leaves place advantage to sharing and especially to new applications, launched in recent weeks. Who said more sharing, said more advertising opportunities for the network. A necessity before its introduction on the stock exchange, expected by the experts in the spring.

Evolution of Facebook

Evolution of Facebook

I think that the Facebook site, not you is not totally unknown. Indeed, different social networking sites have become popular in recent years, Facebook in mind. What is the principle of Facebook? Facebook is a social network, that is, you create an account for free and in Exchange you will get a page in your name, which will allow you to share advice, photos or videos with your friends. The purpose being to create its community which will help you later to sell your product or to promote a product or service from one of your colleagues (and collect a commission in passing).
What are the advantages of Facebook?
Facebook to maintain good relationships with your subscribers or customers.
Facebook allows you to get in touch with your colleagues to develop partnerships and work together on a project. By participating in the life of different groups, you can become an expert in the eyes of the people in your market, which improves your credibility.
You can add photos or videos on your page. The goal is that your friends feel closer to you and to put a face to your name.
What are the disadvantages of Facebook?
Anything you add to your profile may be visible to your friends if your profile is private or by everyone if you decide to put your profile in public. You must pay attention to what you say, because following your words, situations can go awry. Should not that your name be associated with the words "rip-off" or "scammer". Be careful not to disclose too much personal information if you do not want to be harassed by some people. If you can't manage your time, you may spend long hours to read the profiles of your friends or update yours. You must limit the time spent on Facebook each day, because do not forget that there is not that this site to make the promotion of your business.
As you can see, there are more advantages than disadvantages.
This is why Facebook has become the tool of marketing almost mandatory (at least on the English market), and the francophone marketers begin to focus more and more.
If you want to be a step ahead of your competitors, you know what you have to do.

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