Sunday, March 18, 2012

Explosion of the buying Euro

Explosion of the buying Euro
It is true, at the beginning it had confused by the change of scale, upset by creeping inflation that each trader seemed to want to impose through the transition to the euro as a pretext; then from time it was accustomed and same attaché. Today it is serious issue to return to the franc and the mark. The end of the euro is no longer a taboo subject. The magnitude of the crisis, growing, economic but also cultural imbalances which appear to be away more than never virtuous countries of unruly pigs in the South, the increasing cost of a possible rescue and pressure of public opinion who tolerate evil of the imposition of austerity cures caused by others, are stabbed in the back of the euro already poorly at point. The political class, belief or populism, begins to take advantage. Economists also, before the severity of the situation, wondering if the abandonment of the single currency would not finally be the cheapest solution. This is of course difficult to the heart to abandon the main European project of the two decades but should we not also know sometimes recognize a failure?

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