Sunday, March 25, 2012

Google confirms: opening of the ebookstore in France

The news shook the French internet. Since the announcement of the launch of Google Play, the next platform bringing together a whole of dematerialized content, the rumor grew up an opening of the ebookstore in France. Finally a digital books sold by the California company in France?Soon, peacefully comments Philippe Colombet, Director of Google Books. That book fair requires, the eyes move it away never too much of what Google can do in the field. Thus, Antoine Gallimard announced that the national Union of the Edition and the firm, would ultimately achieve reach agreement on digital abusively works. Between the aisles of the show, the statement of the President of the NIS, it murmurait that not only the law on digitization of unavailable works, but more importantly, the investigation a threat to Apple and the publishers, would encourage the Google giant pressing a little the not. Strategically, Google would even interest to make it fast. It is not a question of context, but rather will reciprocal to reach an agreement with French publishers.

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