Monday, April 30, 2012

Sales of tablets do not know the crisis.

Sales of tablets do not know the crisis.
Flagship of the past year and the current year, the tablet that seduced 440.000 French buyers in 2010, 1.5 million in 2011 and already 232.000 for the first two months of the current year is poised for another year of strong growth in 2012, where GfK provides the sale of 3 million additional units. Initially positioned at the crossroads between the video player, the Smartphone and the PC, the Tablet is looking toward this last segment to replace a netbook aging in French homes, summarizes the Institute.
-L' offer of content becomes more readable:
Be it at the level of the size of the screen or the possibility of connection to the telephone network, the choices made by consumers show close to the PC and to a residential framework use, says GfK. Last year, 78% of the sold shelves had a screen 9 inches (22.5 centimeters) or more than diagonal, but only 19% were compatible 3 G. If the tablet was originally presented as a mobile device, the study REC + shows instead that it is essentially used at home, with 81% of the time at home, compared to 19% on the outside. In terms of use, all content found their place on these new devices, said GfK. There is a distribution balanced between all types of use: 19% of time is thus reserved for the video game, 16% to the viewing of video and 15% listen to music, detailed study. More generally, GfK said that proposals from manufacturers remain diversified to address all levels of technical characteristics and price. However, it is on the size of the content, better integrated and optimized, that offers innovative, points out, believing that through applications stores, offering content becomes more readable and allows the consumer to take full advantage of the various options proposed through the tablet.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Commercial success for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S i9000
Samsung Electronics has recorded a record profit of 5.2 billion (3.9 billion€) through more than 20 000 Smartphone Galaxy per hour in the first quarter. The South Korean Group stole the title of world's leading manufacturer of mobile phones, after fourteen years of reign of the Finnish group, now outpaced the market of Smartphone Nokia. Samsung sold about 93.5 million phones in the quarter January-March is more than a quarter of those marketed in the world including 44.5 million Smartphone, according to Strategy Analytics. He thus control 30.6% of the world market of Smartphone, compared to 24.1% for Apple, which has sold 35.1 million iPhones in the first quarter.
Competition increased between apple and Samsung
Samsung and Apple crush their main rivals and the Smartphone market may become a two horse race, says Neil Mawston for Strategy Analytics. Samsung will launch the week next to London the third generation of its star Galaxy S model. The Group hopes to see its sales prices by the summer Olympic Games, which is one of the first sponsors. The competitions between the first two manufacturers remain violent. In addition to multiple ongoing court proceedings between the two firms, who accuse each other of patent infringement, Samsung multiplies recently operations of communication specific to Apple. In Australia, the group even mounted a sort of demonstration to an Apple store, calling the customers of the firm Apple to wake up for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple said this week that its sales of iPhone 4 had to quintuple its quarterly sales in China. But on this first world mobile phone market, the Group remains Apple outpaced by Samsung, which has already allied with the three main operators Telecom of the country. The Samsung Q1 operating profit almost doubled to 5 850 billion won (3.9 billion€), after reaching 5 300 billion won in the previous quarter. After the announcement of these results, the Samsung action jumped 2.9% to the record level of 1.38 million won (908€). The Group competes with Sony and LG Electronics market televisions, Toshiba and Hynix SK in memoir and LG Display on the flat segment. Its income in semiconductors was more divided by two, to 760 billion won, falling prices memory cards, but his activity in televisions and appliances generated 530 billion won against 80 billion a year earlier. Samsung and LG Electronics compatriot are among few manufacturers of televisions worldwide profits and gain market share, to the favor of the use of 3D and OLED screens.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chrome 18 would be the most used browser in the world

Google Chrome
The battle of browsers continues to rage. While Chrome had happened before Internet the time of a Web last March, the Google browser seems to have made a definitive advantage over the Microsoft. Indeed, according to Stat Counter, the 18 chrome version would be passed to Internet Explorer 9.
In aggregate, Internet Explorer remains in mind:
With 25.6% of market share, Chrome 18 ahead Firefox 11 (15.8%) and Internet Explorer 9 (15.7%). But just behind it is Internet Explorer 8 (14.6%). The time, in aggregate, market share Internet Explorer (versions 7, 8 and 9) has 32.8%, 28.5 for Chrome 17-18. Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox has just 20% of market between versions 3.6, 10 and 11. Note that in Europe, it is Firefox which takes orders with 30.6% of PDM, 29.2% side of Internet Explorer and finally 29.1% for chromium. However, the Microsoft browser throne always with 40.4% of market share, Chrome coming second (24.1%) in Firefox (21%).

Friday, April 27, 2012

Google Launches Drive, storing online

Google Launches Drive, storing online
The Web giant offers the possibility to store any file online since Tuesday. Interview with the program. Google launched around the world since Tuesday, Google Drive, online storage service. It is not a system of guidance for car, but a new step in the Galaxy of services "cloud" of the Internet giant (Gmail, Google Documents, etc.). Drive allows users to store their files such as photos, music, videos, documents... and access them from any connected device. Free for a capacity of 5 gigabytes, the service is paying for 25 gigabytes 2.49 monthly $, 100 gigabytes at 4.99 dollars or one terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) to 49,99 $. It is simply the latest evolution of our services, necessary for users who live in the cloud. With Drive, you can be sure that your files are available everywhere, from any Web browser. All devices can connect to Drive that all users have the same experience regardless of the device and the place from which they connect. Versions of Drive for Windows, Mac, Android, the Google system for Smartphone and tablets are available. And a version for iOS including the mobile system of the iPhone and Apple iPad will be available in the coming weeks.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Evolution of Facebook - Facebook has won 56 million members in three months

The growth of the social network is taken by emerging markets and mobile. There are two billion people in the world. Facebook aims to link them all. Created in 2004, the site has done half of the path: end of March, Facebook had more than 901 million active members a month, from 845 million at the end of December, announced Monday. More than half - million 526 connects on a daily basis. The cap of 1 billion$ could be reached in the coming months, while the introduction on the stock exchange of the social network is expected in May. Because even if slows growth of Facebook, the social network still has important reservoirs of Internet users. The Brazil and the India have already heavily contributed to the growth of the social network in the past months. These two markets respectively increased by 180% and 107% in one year, reaching 45 million and 51 million active members on Facebook. The community network also continues to advance in mature markets. Us members increased by 15% in a year. To the United Kingdom, as in India, the service penetration rate is 60% of Internet users. And the Germany displays a rate comparable to the Brazil, oscillating between 30 and 40% of Internet users on Facebook! The Japan, the Russia and the Korea of the South are at 20%. In France, the site has more than 25 million members. Finally, everything remains to be done in China, where Facebook is currently blocked, even if some users have recently found have access from the mobile application. These new markets are also Facebook in the mobile. At the end of the first quarter of 2012, 488 million Facebook users is accessed from a mobile. Either a gain of 69% over one year. The source of this thrust: mobile access increased to United States, India, to the Brazil and Indonesia, specific Facebook. The latter are thus convinced: the mobile will be the key to increase its base of users and their commitment with the service. And therefore revenues.
-Advertising revenues on the rise:
In the first quarter of 2012, Facebook has improved its advertising revenues of 37% in value and 35% by volume. Increasing in volume due primarily to the growth of the number of users, indicates Facebook. Advertising accounted for 82% of the 1.06 billion of turnover generated by Facebook in the first three months of the year. With the micropayment (+ 98%), Facebook revenue grew 45% in early 2011. Half was generated outside North America, while Facebook there was 54% of revenues a year ago. Explanation of the site: A stronger growth of the turnover in Germany, the Brazil, Australia and India. But to cope with this growth, Facebook must also invest more. This has weighed on earnings. It is 205 million of 233$ million in 2011.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online press: the giant Google stops fees

Online press: the giant Google stops fees
The group closes One Pass, its solution of micro payment for publishers. What should be the response of Google to Apple or, at least, a valuable alternative for newspaper publishers online? But without results and strategic interest for the giant the Internet search, Google has closed its platform of micro payment One Pass, it announced Friday. At the launch of One Pass in February 2011, Google promised a service allowing publishers to maintain a direct relationship with their customers and to set their own prices and conditions for their digital content. Identifying through a unique password, users could then view this content from a tablet, Smartphone or on a Web site. Another asset: Google charged that 10% of transactions, 30% taken by Apple. Our ambition is to provide an open and flexible platform that strengthens our commitment to support press editors, journalism and the qualities of content access, then assured Google. Several groups press Europeans as the German Axel Springer (Bild, Die Welt), the Spanish Prisa or Le Nouvel Observateur in France, had succumbed to the siren song. Late last year, booth digital French ePresse Premium, to which belongs the Figaro, was in turning announced the adoption of the One Pass payment solution. But a year later, the tone has changed in the Group of Mountain View. We have so many opportunities before us we have to make choices to have the impact we want, said the giant Google in a blog note. The group details is a new list of products and services that will evolve or close, according to the wishes of Larry Page, now PDG of the group in April 2011. He had announced in October, on the occasion of the publication of quarterly results, the end of 20 products. Since then, the Group regularly publishes points on its internal spring cleaning.
-Soon surveys:
To not appear to let the editors of press in the Ford, Google promises to help them migrate to other platforms. They figure the polls Google Consumer Survey service, launched late March. It offers publishers to make money (0.05$ per survey) by inviting their readers to answer a brief survey to a paying section. It is still a new option next to systems of micro payment as Cleeng, AlloPass or even Facebook Credits.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is BlackBerry update on its new?

BlackBerry Torch 9810
77 million users worldwide, an increase of 75% in the Europe zone accompanied the announcement of these figures to a presentation of news which should seduce the businessmen as adolescents. 7.1 OS has just been launched in France with lot of new features. Now, the latest BlackBerry (Torch 9810 and 9860, Bold 9790 and 9900, and Curve 9360 and 9380) can share the 3 G connection with other devices (5 maximum), as a hotspot. The Wireless Media Server functionality is also added, it sharing files with other terminals at home Wifi network. The BlackBerry Tag application allows sharing all kinds of files audio, video, photos, but also contacts touching another device of the mark with NFC technology. It will give you the ability to add a new contact on BBM, to bring together all its loyalty cards in its mobile payments through agreements with Visa and MasterCard. Finally, a FM radio tuner is a free application available. On the PlayBook tablet, it was announced that a million units had been sold. A version 2.0 is now available. Large black point to its launch last summer, the catalogue of applications, BlackBerry App World, was expanded and opened to Android applications.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Safety of children on the Internet

Safety of children on the Internet
The Internet is, for children, a way interesting to learn, have fun and discuss with their classmates, or simply a place for relaxation and exploration. But just like the real world, the world of the Internet can be dangerous for children, especially with respect to the cyber pedophilia and cyber bullying.
Before allowing your child to navigate alone, it is essential to establish a number of rules and it is for you, parents, that the responsibility to monitor what your children do with their computer. Here are a few safety tips to guide your children on the Internet:
Learn how Internet. The best way to know how your child uses the Internet is interest you and navigates with him;
Encourage your child to share experiences on the Internet with you in the same way you talk of his other friends and its non-virtual activities;
Establish a family agreement on the rules of use and talk about dangers to which he may be exposed, such as pornography and pedophilia;
Remember him should never disclose personal information without your permission (name, address, telephone, etc.);
Explain that it should never agree to meet a friend user in person;
Encourage using a nickname that reveals nothing on it (sex, age, etc.);
Install the computer connected to the Internet in a room accessible to the family to avoid surfing solo. Do not install it in the House of the child;
Exercise supervision of its Internet activities; among other things, preselect yourself sites of interest, see the content saved to the computer, check the use of webcam, follow closely your child access to electronic communications (chat, email, message), install a filter for access control (parental control).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The technology is not to link us?

Since several years, our dependence on electricity has become almost total. A simple power outage for a few minutes, and our world is turned upside down. This form of liability it is added the arrival of equipment and daily tools become indispensable for some, such as the Internet or the Smartphone. And other slavery-like technologies are being developed, we driving a little further still into a mi-submit mi-accepted enslavement. But these go too far? Would it not reach the limits of the unreasonable? A still greater dependency. Today, the Google giant wants that your car lead you alone to the desired location. Nokia, for its part, would be attempted to tattoo to communicate with your phone. Some companies even States could even push their customers/citizens to implement an RFID chip under their skin, either for practical questions for the first or security for the latter. And many other examples could be cited. Overall philosophy, which is not new, is a tender to desire more comfort, timeliness, of simplicity, of a multiplication of uses, even more handouts. The Smartphone is currently the best representative: always lighter, more powerful, faster and easier to use. As these products are improving, we become in logically more dependent. It is of course possible to do not use electricity, or watch television, play games, use internet and phone, but today, make such a cessation gives the impression of a regression more than anything else. With a few exceptions, we tend therefore to strengthen, each day a little more, our channels related to our technological cannonballs. This submission is however not a problem if she remains conscious. Have the necessary retreat on this subordination can thus reflect on maximization of the tools, and ways to reduce this dependence. It can also and especially used to imagine non-technological alternatives credible, capable of only our thirst for information and characterized procrastination. In short, deal with our flight forward to still more technology, perhaps we could put in question our current paradigm, where technology can have answer to everything from education to the fight against terrorism, through communication, health and many other topics. Add to all this the importance of differentiation between technology to aid work, personal development, or simply at the entertainment, and the technology that fuels the assistantship, the intellectual regression as physics, and by corollary, a dependency that is beyond the scope of the technical and practice.
-A dangerous auto-submission:
Today, don't know well write in pen by typing the keyboard is not dramatic in itself even if very regrettable, as no longer know how to properly fold a traditional paper newspaper, don't know how to use a road map or even remember the phone numbers of friends and family. Technology, for the sake of ease, however could have perverse, invisible and painless first effects. Tomorrow, some know perhaps more drive by themselves to reduce the number of accidents. May not choose more food, but will be strongly advised by a technology to improve their health. Maybe it will more walk by them, even to go home to the car or public transport because it is less tiring. Perhaps should they necessarily use their subcutaneous RFID chip for any action, even pass a simple door for their safety? Technology must be at the service of man, will know we say stop when she will tend to become his master?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus: a very high range players sound card

ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus
Asus has announced the arrival of a sound card format PCIe x 1 high-end and dedicated to the players: the ROG Xonar Phoebus. Manufacturer announces that it has an excellent ratio signal / noise of 118 Db (A) with an announced noise mitigation system as being intelligent. The manufacturer States that this feature, responding on behalf of ROG Command, allows to divide by two the surrounding noises when you are, for example, in a Lan Party. This sound card is based on a small external box that is equipped with two microphones that allow him to analyze the ambient noise. This small module, which connects to the soundcard via three jacks, has also twice 3.5 mm jacks to plug in a headset and a microphone. Of course, it also allows you to adjust the volume, or even to silent mode. To protect his map of different interference which may exist within a computer box, the manufacturer has implemented several protections, including the Hyper Grounding. ASUS gives the following definition: A multilayer integrated circuit helps to block the noise caused by the components and the power supply nearby, to deliver a more realistic and clearer sound. To see this in practice. On the technical characteristics of the ROG Xonar Phoebus, be aware that it is articulated around a C - Media CMI8888DHT audio processor that supports maximum of 96 kHz / 24-bit. The rate of harmonic distortion is 0.00039% output, against 0.0003% input, 1 kHz in both cases. On digital converters / analog, two exit PCM1796 stereo and helmet from Texas Instrument are, while a CS4362A chip will take care of the multichannel tracks.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Intel hopes to sell 20 to 30 Ultrabooks million in 2012

HP Folio 13
The Ultrabooks, these ultra notebook computers, lightweight, powerful, and therefore quite expensive, time they the same success than netbooks? According to internal forecasts Intel revealed by DigiTimes, the purpose would be to take between 20 and 30 million units this year, to double or even triple the levels of sales in 2013.
-The HP Folio 13: Cheaper and more advanced, the new Ultrabook comes
Is the American Intel, bringing his arm end baby, too optimistic? Launched last year to compete with products like the MacBook Air from Apple, the Ultrabook must still satisfy consumers. Price/usefulness/quality not always was positive, even if this should change in the future. Partners Intel, Acer, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, Gigabyte, Toshiba, Sony and Samsung, should indeed offer this year more in addition to Ultrabooks under $1000 or under the $700, which will accelerate sales. The tariff argument to add the Ivy Bridge of Intel and material improvements in the future Ultrabooks planned for the coming months. Finally, the launch of Windows 8 should have a positive impact on the sales of these machines. This will suffice to reach 20 or even 30 million units this year? If to CNet, the Ultrabook is already a stillborn product, for Techcrunch, it is premature to announce the failure of these products. The positive developments of the Ultrabooks should enable them to be successful. Sold between 30 and 40 million units in their sky, netbooks have since year last competition of touch tablets with the ultrabooks. While in 2008, forecasts projected on more than 50 million netbooks this year 2012, it will be finally nothing. Should elapse in only 30 large million maximum.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Patent war: Apple and Samsung are looking for an agreement.

Apple and Samsung
The war between Samsung and Apple could come to an end. The PDG of the two giants have agreed to meet under the mediation of a US judge. After an open war that lasts a year, Apple and Samsung have taken a major step towards a possible reconciliation. The two companies have agreed to meet under the mediation of a US judge. The meeting to be held within 90 days should involve Tim Cook, Apple's PDG and Gee-Sung Choi, PDG of Samsung. According to the tribunal, if the matter is not settled out of court, the two companies must have a version of their claims and defenses. The patent war started when Apple accused Samsung of copying the design of its iPhone, after which Samsung had replied that Apple infringed 10 of its patents. Since climbing with, among others, a ban on release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany Tablet and a request by Apple to prohibit the sale of some Samsung phones. It is not certain that such a meeting leads to a settlement, so the conflict is deep between the two companies.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our daily changes with new technology

Our daily changes with new technology
Develop a critical and thoughtful attitude to information appears all the more necessary for the young generation it is naturally attracted to relays such as the radio, television or Internet. The Web already appears firmly planted in its habits. Youth daily can be found on the Web with MSN Messenger, Facebook, video games network, and alternate between these different media. Young people remain much attached to the television media, even if Internet took more extent. Now, young people speak less strings or television program with their friends as 10 years ago. In addition, it is on the canvas that children will find themselves, because 18% of 4-14 years report to go on the Internet only accompanied by 28% and 27% only and accompanied by. What new social rules which also obey adult followers of new technologies. But this is not so much the technology that fascinates young people as its possibilities. Most are not interested in using the computer as a tool. More OK, it becomes a media. In the 1980s, computer languages such as Basic or the Pascal, were passionate many teenagers at the beginning of the placing on the market of individual computers. It seems more to be the case. It is the Act of communicating the information technology that engages their interest now. Members of a home often use the media together or in turn, and they discuss. It is the usual role of television. The 25-54 years are part of these; they have even increased their attendance of the small screen. Traditionally, television brings the members of a family more than radio or newspapers. Regarding programs, Internet provides free and instant information on the choice of emissions, films and other broadcast series, a TV magazine reading remains a distracting habit in many homes. The joint practice of these media is undeniable, but this was not always the case with new technologies. Women and older people more time to turn to this tool than men and less than 25 years. But now, Internet is used by all, and the MP3/MP4, for example. And this trend does not appear to decrease since, between 2008 and 2009, there was a global quadrupling of equipment in new technologies with, for example, a trebling of the Smartphone equipment. Thus, despite the crisis, multimedia remained the field in which young people have made least of sacrifices.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

YouTube wants to democratize 3D video

YouTube wants to democratize 3D video
After a year of test, YouTube opened to the public its videos HD 1080p 3D conversion service. While 3D TV does not appear to have convinced the public, YouTube will try to convince Internet users. After a year of tests, the site finally launches service that offers to give relief to your 2D video. Attention, all are not eligible. Only affected those in HD 1080p, so in Full HD while in the testing phase, the beta program registrants could convert HD 720 p. It is 3D a little old school which will require glasses, but the experience is interesting. On his blog, YouTube explains the process in detail. A demo video is online. From 2D to 3D, a single click is enough.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Apple valued at $ 600 billion

Ipad for Apple
The computer group Apple reached Tuesday 10 April, a new record, exceeding a time the 600 billion (EUR 458 billion) of recovery on the stock exchange, before returning to 586 billion (447 billion euro). Apple had crossed the Cape of 500 billion dollars (382 billion euro) in March; its capitalization has increased by 60% since the beginning of the year. In Exchange, the group action is passed to 644 dollars (491,5 euro), an increase of 1.2% from Monday. With such performance, Apple stores close results of its Microsoft competitor, the 1990s. In 1999, the editor of the operating system had reached a valuation of $ 619 billion. According to analysts, one of the reasons to explain the appeal of the group is the announcement by Tim Cook, mid-March. For the first time since 1995, the it Group announced that it would begin next summer to pay a dividend and that it launched also a share repurchase program in the amount of 10 billion dollars (7.6 billion euro) over three years.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

In 2012, two times more tactile tablets and 2011

Tactile tablets
The market for tablets expected almost double between 2011 and 2012 and $ 60 million to 119 million units sold worldwide, according to Gartner forecasts. According to the research firm, 118,8 million tablets will be passed this year in the world and Apple will remain "the locomotive of the market" by providing him only 72.9 million global shipments through the iPad, or 61% of the market. Global sales of tablets running Android operating system should also double between 2011 and 2012, from $ 17.2 million to 37.8 million. The shelves using the Google operating system is thus alleged 31.9% market share. Late last year, sales of tablets at a lower cost, as the Fire of Amazon Kindle, had registered significant sales figures in the United States. According to Gartner, one of the brakes to the adoption of Android tablets is the lack of applications specially dedicated to the large screens.
-Rise of windows 8:
Far behind, Microsoft will only capture 4% of market share, with 4.8 million tablets running Windows this year past. Microsoft must deploy this year version 8 of its operating system. The American company aims with this system to unify the user experience, use a desktop computer or a digital tablet. However, Gartner provides an increase in global sales of bars on Windows, which should represent 12% of the market in 2016. For the next years, the research firm also provides growth of tablets, related to professional applications. "Sales of tablets for businesses represent 35% of all by 2015", indicates the firm.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Full Facebook tool to download its profile.

Facebook announced Thursday, April 12 that it had updated its profile download tool, which allows a user to download all content that it has published or shared on the social network. Now, you can also download other information, such as your previous names, applications of friend that you have made and the IP addresses which you logged. This feature will be deployed for all users gradually, and new categories of data will be added in the future. Facebook was committed to the Irish authority for the protection of privacy to offer its users a tool of this type after an audit conducted an investigation triggered by a group of Austrian students. Together in a collective called Europe vs Facebook, these students had filed twenty-two complaints against the largest social network in the world, whose European headquarters is located in Ireland, accusing keep data on its users in violation of European legislation. For the collective, this development comes too late - and is insufficient. We appreciate the fact that Facebook users have more access to their data, but Facebook is still not in compliance with the European legislation on the protection of the data after this update, considers the collective. With this new version of the tool, Facebook gives access to thirty-nine categories of data.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Anxiety to be deprived of his mobile phone

Anxiety to be deprived of his Mobile Phone
Feel very anxious at the thought of losing her laptop or be unable to spend more than a day: the nomophobie, a contraction of "No. mobile phobia", affects mainly the addicted to social networks that do not support to be disconnected. A study from a thousand of mobile users in the country United Kingdom where the term of nomophobie appeared in 2008 revealed that 66% of them were very anxious at the thought of losing their phone. The proportion reached 76% of 18-24 year-olds, according to the survey by security for mobile SecurEnvoy Solutions Company. 40% of those interviewed also have two phones. The phenomenon is amplified with the arrival of Smartphone and unlimited packages. Each has access to a wide range of services: where am I? Are there restaurants in the vicinity? I buy my ticket to train for this weekend, I plan my evening, etc. The summary to the AFP Damien customs, expert in new technologies of the FaDa Agency. Some years ago, the SMS was already a form of nomophobie. It was even of the generation of the thumbs to describe those who entered without judgment of the texts. But the mobile internet via Smartphone, SMS 10 000, in his power. Google reflex has been transposed to the mobile: I need information, and I find answer for anything, it is the incarnate ease, said Damien Douani. 22% of the French admit that it is impossible to spend more than a day without their mobile phone, according to an online survey conducted in March by 1,500 user’s society Mingle, and a percentage climbs to 34% as of 15-19 years. 29% of respondents indicate that they could dispense with their phone more than 24 hours but hardly, against 49% who feel that they are come without problems. It is understandable that people are addicted to their smart phone, as they have all their lives in it, and if by misfortune they lose it or it is down, they feel completely cut of the world. Currently, a person seeking his way simply applies his smart phone with the plan of the area on the screen instead of asking where the street she was seeking. In addition to all this, social networks create links with communities and are that there is a need constant updating and consultation at all times. There is a small counter on each phone counting the number of times where it checks, we would be surprised. Many expert talks about true extension of the addiction: there is this syndrome and I am still connected, I check my phone in the case where more. We are in a robotics company which should be full of things at a time. A part of the population think that if it is not connected, it Magnifier something. And if on Magnifier something or cannot respond immediately, it develops forms of anxiety or nervousness. People have more patience, according to Phil Marso, author in 2004 of the first book entirely written in SMS. Smartphone destroyed a form of fantasy. Everything is served on a tray and there is more spontaneity or surprise effect, find a restaurant over the streets instead of identifying with a mobile application and get there directly.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Many people sleep with its Smartphone

Many people sleep with its Smartphone
A good book, TV, or even a doudou, all ways to fall asleep quietly? Not so sure. According to a survey published Thursday, and by the Kaspersky Lab anti-virus software Editor, 20% of the French consider essential to sleep with their Smartphone beside the bed. This study, conducted with 2.478 users of this type of mobile in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Germany, to put it forward. The surveyed, interviewed on "objects" they most need at bedtime, place their laptop behind the alarm clock, but TV. Regulars of this practice, include the French that are 20% to require their phone, behind the British (22%), but before the Portuguese, Germans, Italians and Spaniards (16 to 19%). The British arrive in mind when it comes to put reading first. They are 41% to take a book in their room when going to bed, against 24% of the French or 15% of the Portuguese. Television is still essential to 25% of the Portuguese when it is time to bed, 17% of the Spanish or French, and 13% of the British. The respondents, so major, still are 2-5% to need their plush preferred in their rooms at sleep.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Google presents his glasses are connected to the Internet

Sunglasses for surfing on the Internet
Google introduced Wednesday, April 4, through a demonstration video, its prototype of glasses are connected to the Internet. Sunglasses for surfing on the Internet. Google introduced its connected glasses project, Wednesday, 4 April. Currently at the prototype stage, this technological revolution has created a real buzz in the American press, since a few weeks. It is a demonstration video that the Internet giant has revealed the various capabilities of these future sunglasses which allow not only to communicate but also to move in space. Many other options are also available on this high-tech accessory. Google work currently on several versions of these glasses, however, no release date has, for the moment, was announced.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3D apartment

3D Apartment
3D apartment offers you the opportunity to design, build and decorate your home with how virtual and interactive. This software also offers you the possibility to create your apartment according to your taste or organize your own inside your House. With a full palette of tools, the 3D apartment allows you to perform your own decoration and architectures in a few clicks. You can transform the plan on the ground, apply textures and desired coatings and choose your furniture in a database of over 3000 objects.
-Put in scene photos with many integrated tools: buffer, scissors cranteurs, ribbons.
-Put your value with the effects Gallery photos: more than 40 filters allow applying special effects to an image or a layer: add noise, deletion of tasks, Posterize, exposure correction, modification of shades.
-Presentation of your own photos on the Internet well known YouTube Portal.
-Personalize your cards with texts and photos or one of the 5000 images included.
-Automatic 15 styles of slide show for all occasions (holidays, anniversary, marriage, birth...).
-Select your photos and then the software automatically adds with music, transitions, special effects and text. With a few clicks, you get a slide show successful and spectacular.
-Add transitions in a Photo Story.
-Rich Library of texts, photos and clip art depicting various themes: holidays, marriage, humor, recreation, child.
-Photo Gallery animated Flash, with insertion of legends and dynamic effects of type slide show!
-Quickly organize your photos by date, size, using a rating system on 5 stars, by alphabetical order or by using text labels.
-2,000 Photos. Connect in Wi-Fi security, make your transactions online with confidence (purchases, Bank in line…) and secure your personal data (photos, music...).
      -Straighten tilted photos: the straighten tool corrects photos with misalignment and crops them automatically.
      -Learn advanced features of drawing with 2,000 reasons, changing colors, the conversion of your photos.

      -2,000 Photos. Connect in Wi-Fi security, make your transactions online with confidence (purchases, Bank in line…) and secure your personal data (photos, music...)
      -Straighten tilted photos: the straighten tool corrects photos with misalignment and crops them automatically.
      -Learn advanced features of drawing with 2,000 reasons, changing colors, the conversion of your photos.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The dangers of the internet for children

The dangers of the internet for children
Closely see the dangers
The rules of safe navigation:
-Never put his address or phone number.
Rule 1: Always ask permission has his parents before disclosing my name, address, telephone number, credit card number and photos.
-Never put his full name! The nicks are available.
Rule 2: Remain anonymous by always using a pseudonym, nickname, nick.
-Learn how to properly use different cats (chronic future)
Rule 3: Conduct them in a respectable manner online. No insulting, coarse message, no threats and not taking on the other. The writings remain! Not to use the Web to spread rumors or threats.
-Do not accept unknown on the lists of courier.
Rule 4: The courier, it is for friends only. Never accept appointments without talking at adults. If it decides all similarly to go, it is in a public place with!
-Learn to read, that is to say, do not click anywhere without knowing what you click.
Rules 5: I do not buy online without permission! There are sites which are traps for the information and use it.
Hazards, this is obviously the personal information an ill-intentioned individuals physically find the child. Known, most need to say, sexual predators abound on the internet. Often, they communicate with the child, establish a link of friendship, posing even a child of their age, or a great friend close to elicit personal information or directly give them appointments. It must be explained to our children, the dangers that exist and made aware of the caution. Learn them to never disclose personal information without your consent, the importance of having a nick and many "behave". Children must learn how to react when things go "wrong". Do not respond and immediately alert an adult. Meet only in the presence of an adult and in a public place.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The dangers of the internet for children

The dangers of the internet for children
This, it is all well and good but now should be to learn? What are the dangers? How the Scout?
Are we too alarmist? Why not just cut internet?
I will try to put all this clearest possible using a "lay" language and not a computer Lingo.
There are two categories of danger:
-The dangers for children.
-The dangers for the computer (viruses and company)
Let's start with the most important Children! Children are innocent do not see the dangers, either the street or internet. It must therefore raise and even give them rules to follow. For them, the dangers are everywhere on the internet, but especially on cats. The on-line dialogues, emails, instant messaging, file sharing, purchase online. These are the best known, but attention, not the only ones. More and more, a wave of popularity invades the internet blogs! What is it? Baise, a blog is a personal diary or a book of travel available on the web. Today, it has become a web site where children put their photos, photos of friends, relatives, and other animals. I saw a blog of a young girl of 12 years, who named the site "sexy little" by writing its name complete address and same phone number! Innocent for them... only their friends have the address of their site think. Actually, everything on the internet is accessible to all!
Almost half of young Canadians are only when they surf the Internet:
According to these young people, their parents would never sit next to them when they are online (68%), use no filter to block inappropriate sites (65%) and never check the sites visited (54%).

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The main dangers on the Internet

The main dangers on the Internet
Young people and the Internet: the dangers of online reputation
The new dangers of the Internet. There is unfortunately not that pornography, violence or racism. The cats, social networks, and chat rooms for teens on the Web have become the preferred means to harass, intimidate, humiliate without forgetting the pedophiles who claim to be of the same age as their victims in order to better encourage them to reveal, for example, the address of their school and their hours of output.
-A few new words:
Cyber grooming: refers to the sexual harassment of minors on the Internet. Attackers approach of young Internet users by asking them about their sexuality, by sending pornographic material or by appearing in a manner inappropriate to their webcam. Often, these aggressors are trying to gradually gain the trust of their victims with objective to develop virtual contacts to real contacts.
Happy Slapping: practice objectionable in which a young person or a group of teenagers assaulted or humiliates a victim, that is generally unknown, while an accomplice filmed the scene with his cell phone, to then disseminate these images of violence on the Internet. Over time, the violence of these free attacks have increased, sometimes up to beating filmed and posted on the Internet. Since then, the vidéolynchage finally won the schools where he target teachers to ridicule them (psychological violence).
Cyber mobbing: Their insults, insult, abuse, injure, ridicule or humiliate a victim on the Internet. The authors transmit messages or photos private to other people, spread rumors, retouch of how shocking photos of the victim or launch of real campaign of intimidation. The aggressor does not face his victim and remains hidden behind its virtual identity. Long, the victims don't know not even that is the source of harassment. This phenomenon is not marginal, it affects between 20 and 40% of the youth.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The MIT is developing a laser able to see in the corner camera

The MIT is developing a laser able to see in the corner camera
The MIT is developing a laser able to see in the corner camera
The MIT Media Lab researchers have developed a new imaging technology that could in the future be used to see "through" barriers by using opaque walls, doors, soil or ceilings as reflective mirrors.
The camera in question uses a femtosecond laser that produces ultra-short pulses and allows reproducing images low resolution in three dimensions of a hidden object is outside the field of the camera. The experimental system is literally able to see an object hidden behind an obstacle using nook and cranny of the room.
In synthesis, the system works by taking rapid pulses with femtosecond lasers on a wall in front of the hidden object. Light bounces on the wall and then disperses. Part of this dispersed light will then come hitting the hidden object before dispersing again. Yet again, a small part of this light will bounce off the wall and find the path to the sensor of the camera.
Despite the low amount of light received by the sensor of the camera of MIT to each pulse, gusts are so fast that the camera can take action at a rate of the order of the picosecond. By slightly changing the angle of each pulse laser fire, the system is able to rebuild, using an algorithm, the geometry in 3D of the hidden object.
This new technology could term help cars smart to see in blind spots, help the rescuers when they are involved in disaster areas or secure military operations by allowing seeing the dangers in a front room even enter.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The main dangers on the Internet

The main dangers on the Internet
The first young victims
-Disinformation: Even if Internet is rich of information of any kind, it also vehicle a quantity of dubious information and without value. Where anyone can easily to disseminate his theories or personal opinions, Internet users and particularly young people must acquire a thought critical that encourages them to test the credibility of information found online.
-Misinformation is common in multiple ways: hate sites that spread defamatory through openly very extremist views commercial sites where advertisers create environments to be both informative and fun only to promote their products to a target audience Web pages, generally personal, where anyone can publish what he wants by claiming that it is true and present mere opinions as facts sites spoof parody, which deliberately induce the visitor in error, either for fun, or for political reasons, or to show young people how it is easy to fool the people online hoax broadcast by email, broadcast false alerts to computer viruses, methods phony to supposedly make his fortune, false chain of hope, false search for missing persons, urban legends and unfounded health alarms.
-Violent or hateful content: A universe of violence that goes from Web pages adolescent to sites who did not hesitate to broadcast images of torture and sadism where a cruel humor reigns typically is found on Internet. A simple mouse click, young people can download music to the very violent words (sometimes censored in the disks sold in the store) and images, video clips and online games while also worrying. Young people also like bloody sites that show real images of accidents, torture or mutilation. Many adolescents regard these as harmless sites, the equivalent of horror movies online, but there is a disturbing combination of violence and sexuality. There are all kinds of hate on the Internet ranging from fanatical racism to the cruel satire of many popular sites for youth. Hate groups such as those militating for the supremacy of the white race, are more and more to the Internet to recruit young people. They use emails and private cats to tackle, from prying, the most vulnerable adolescents.
-Gambling addiction: The recent authorization of games of chance and betting on Internet sites have increased that the impressive number of young people who engage in the game. It has become a more important than smoking, alcohol or drug addiction among adolescents. Youth who have well mastered the new technologies are turning more to the Internet gambling sites because they are easily accessible, practical and anonymous.

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