Sunday, April 8, 2012

The dangers of the internet for children

The dangers of the internet for children
This, it is all well and good but now should be to learn? What are the dangers? How the Scout?
Are we too alarmist? Why not just cut internet?
I will try to put all this clearest possible using a "lay" language and not a computer Lingo.
There are two categories of danger:
-The dangers for children.
-The dangers for the computer (viruses and company)
Let's start with the most important Children! Children are innocent do not see the dangers, either the street or internet. It must therefore raise and even give them rules to follow. For them, the dangers are everywhere on the internet, but especially on cats. The on-line dialogues, emails, instant messaging, file sharing, purchase online. These are the best known, but attention, not the only ones. More and more, a wave of popularity invades the internet blogs! What is it? Baise, a blog is a personal diary or a book of travel available on the web. Today, it has become a web site where children put their photos, photos of friends, relatives, and other animals. I saw a blog of a young girl of 12 years, who named the site "sexy little" by writing its name complete address and same phone number! Innocent for them... only their friends have the address of their site think. Actually, everything on the internet is accessible to all!
Almost half of young Canadians are only when they surf the Internet:
According to these young people, their parents would never sit next to them when they are online (68%), use no filter to block inappropriate sites (65%) and never check the sites visited (54%).

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