Saturday, April 14, 2012

Full Facebook tool to download its profile.

Facebook announced Thursday, April 12 that it had updated its profile download tool, which allows a user to download all content that it has published or shared on the social network. Now, you can also download other information, such as your previous names, applications of friend that you have made and the IP addresses which you logged. This feature will be deployed for all users gradually, and new categories of data will be added in the future. Facebook was committed to the Irish authority for the protection of privacy to offer its users a tool of this type after an audit conducted an investigation triggered by a group of Austrian students. Together in a collective called Europe vs Facebook, these students had filed twenty-two complaints against the largest social network in the world, whose European headquarters is located in Ireland, accusing keep data on its users in violation of European legislation. For the collective, this development comes too late - and is insufficient. We appreciate the fact that Facebook users have more access to their data, but Facebook is still not in compliance with the European legislation on the protection of the data after this update, considers the collective. With this new version of the tool, Facebook gives access to thirty-nine categories of data.

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