Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chrome 18 would be the most used browser in the world

Google Chrome
The battle of browsers continues to rage. While Chrome had happened before Internet the time of a Web last March, the Google browser seems to have made a definitive advantage over the Microsoft. Indeed, according to Stat Counter, the 18 chrome version would be passed to Internet Explorer 9.
In aggregate, Internet Explorer remains in mind:
With 25.6% of market share, Chrome 18 ahead Firefox 11 (15.8%) and Internet Explorer 9 (15.7%). But just behind it is Internet Explorer 8 (14.6%). The time, in aggregate, market share Internet Explorer (versions 7, 8 and 9) has 32.8%, 28.5 for Chrome 17-18. Meanwhile, Mozilla Firefox has just 20% of market between versions 3.6, 10 and 11. Note that in Europe, it is Firefox which takes orders with 30.6% of PDM, 29.2% side of Internet Explorer and finally 29.1% for chromium. However, the Microsoft browser throne always with 40.4% of market share, Chrome coming second (24.1%) in Firefox (21%).

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