Monday, April 30, 2012

Sales of tablets do not know the crisis.

Sales of tablets do not know the crisis.
Flagship of the past year and the current year, the tablet that seduced 440.000 French buyers in 2010, 1.5 million in 2011 and already 232.000 for the first two months of the current year is poised for another year of strong growth in 2012, where GfK provides the sale of 3 million additional units. Initially positioned at the crossroads between the video player, the Smartphone and the PC, the Tablet is looking toward this last segment to replace a netbook aging in French homes, summarizes the Institute.
-L' offer of content becomes more readable:
Be it at the level of the size of the screen or the possibility of connection to the telephone network, the choices made by consumers show close to the PC and to a residential framework use, says GfK. Last year, 78% of the sold shelves had a screen 9 inches (22.5 centimeters) or more than diagonal, but only 19% were compatible 3 G. If the tablet was originally presented as a mobile device, the study REC + shows instead that it is essentially used at home, with 81% of the time at home, compared to 19% on the outside. In terms of use, all content found their place on these new devices, said GfK. There is a distribution balanced between all types of use: 19% of time is thus reserved for the video game, 16% to the viewing of video and 15% listen to music, detailed study. More generally, GfK said that proposals from manufacturers remain diversified to address all levels of technical characteristics and price. However, it is on the size of the content, better integrated and optimized, that offers innovative, points out, believing that through applications stores, offering content becomes more readable and allows the consumer to take full advantage of the various options proposed through the tablet.

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