Thursday, April 26, 2012

Evolution of Facebook - Facebook has won 56 million members in three months

The growth of the social network is taken by emerging markets and mobile. There are two billion people in the world. Facebook aims to link them all. Created in 2004, the site has done half of the path: end of March, Facebook had more than 901 million active members a month, from 845 million at the end of December, announced Monday. More than half - million 526 connects on a daily basis. The cap of 1 billion$ could be reached in the coming months, while the introduction on the stock exchange of the social network is expected in May. Because even if slows growth of Facebook, the social network still has important reservoirs of Internet users. The Brazil and the India have already heavily contributed to the growth of the social network in the past months. These two markets respectively increased by 180% and 107% in one year, reaching 45 million and 51 million active members on Facebook. The community network also continues to advance in mature markets. Us members increased by 15% in a year. To the United Kingdom, as in India, the service penetration rate is 60% of Internet users. And the Germany displays a rate comparable to the Brazil, oscillating between 30 and 40% of Internet users on Facebook! The Japan, the Russia and the Korea of the South are at 20%. In France, the site has more than 25 million members. Finally, everything remains to be done in China, where Facebook is currently blocked, even if some users have recently found have access from the mobile application. These new markets are also Facebook in the mobile. At the end of the first quarter of 2012, 488 million Facebook users is accessed from a mobile. Either a gain of 69% over one year. The source of this thrust: mobile access increased to United States, India, to the Brazil and Indonesia, specific Facebook. The latter are thus convinced: the mobile will be the key to increase its base of users and their commitment with the service. And therefore revenues.
-Advertising revenues on the rise:
In the first quarter of 2012, Facebook has improved its advertising revenues of 37% in value and 35% by volume. Increasing in volume due primarily to the growth of the number of users, indicates Facebook. Advertising accounted for 82% of the 1.06 billion of turnover generated by Facebook in the first three months of the year. With the micropayment (+ 98%), Facebook revenue grew 45% in early 2011. Half was generated outside North America, while Facebook there was 54% of revenues a year ago. Explanation of the site: A stronger growth of the turnover in Germany, the Brazil, Australia and India. But to cope with this growth, Facebook must also invest more. This has weighed on earnings. It is 205 million of 233$ million in 2011.

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