Friday, April 13, 2012

Anxiety to be deprived of his mobile phone

Anxiety to be deprived of his Mobile Phone
Feel very anxious at the thought of losing her laptop or be unable to spend more than a day: the nomophobie, a contraction of "No. mobile phobia", affects mainly the addicted to social networks that do not support to be disconnected. A study from a thousand of mobile users in the country United Kingdom where the term of nomophobie appeared in 2008 revealed that 66% of them were very anxious at the thought of losing their phone. The proportion reached 76% of 18-24 year-olds, according to the survey by security for mobile SecurEnvoy Solutions Company. 40% of those interviewed also have two phones. The phenomenon is amplified with the arrival of Smartphone and unlimited packages. Each has access to a wide range of services: where am I? Are there restaurants in the vicinity? I buy my ticket to train for this weekend, I plan my evening, etc. The summary to the AFP Damien customs, expert in new technologies of the FaDa Agency. Some years ago, the SMS was already a form of nomophobie. It was even of the generation of the thumbs to describe those who entered without judgment of the texts. But the mobile internet via Smartphone, SMS 10 000, in his power. Google reflex has been transposed to the mobile: I need information, and I find answer for anything, it is the incarnate ease, said Damien Douani. 22% of the French admit that it is impossible to spend more than a day without their mobile phone, according to an online survey conducted in March by 1,500 user’s society Mingle, and a percentage climbs to 34% as of 15-19 years. 29% of respondents indicate that they could dispense with their phone more than 24 hours but hardly, against 49% who feel that they are come without problems. It is understandable that people are addicted to their smart phone, as they have all their lives in it, and if by misfortune they lose it or it is down, they feel completely cut of the world. Currently, a person seeking his way simply applies his smart phone with the plan of the area on the screen instead of asking where the street she was seeking. In addition to all this, social networks create links with communities and are that there is a need constant updating and consultation at all times. There is a small counter on each phone counting the number of times where it checks, we would be surprised. Many expert talks about true extension of the addiction: there is this syndrome and I am still connected, I check my phone in the case where more. We are in a robotics company which should be full of things at a time. A part of the population think that if it is not connected, it Magnifier something. And if on Magnifier something or cannot respond immediately, it develops forms of anxiety or nervousness. People have more patience, according to Phil Marso, author in 2004 of the first book entirely written in SMS. Smartphone destroyed a form of fantasy. Everything is served on a tray and there is more spontaneity or surprise effect, find a restaurant over the streets instead of identifying with a mobile application and get there directly.

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