Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The main dangers on the Internet

The main dangers on the Internet
The first young victims
Easy access to pornography:
The easy access that Internet pornography is one of the main concerns of parents of young Internet users. Pornographic images once very difficult to obtain are now within reach of a simple mouse click. Falling by chance on a pornography site can be: using a search engine, during a typing error the address of a site by clicking on a link in an e mail, instant messaging, or a cat, using file sharing software which convey many images and easily accessible pornographic videos
surfing on the newsgroups.
There are different forms of cyber bullying: sometimes, it comes to insults or threats directly sent to the victim by e mail or Instant Messaging. Young people may also circulate the hate comments to a person, through e mail and instant messaging, or by posting on Web sites or blogs. They often do this under a false identity. In addition, more and more young people are victims of bullying through text messages on their mobile phones. This type of phone indeed escapes completely supervision of adults.
Predators on the Internet: Cats, e mails and instant messaging are environments where young people may encounter sexual predators. Own Internet anonymity encourages confidences and intimate revelations, and predators use to quickly establish a relationship of trust with young people still lack of judgment and experience. Parents can help their children to protect themselves by informing on the risks associated with online communications and in more involvement in the activities of children and youth on the Internet.
Spam: Means spam all messages not unsolicited, advertising or not, which are more and more our electronic mailbox. This scourge has developed dramatically: spam has increased ten-fold, and estimated that it now represents nearly half of all e mail that is received.

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