Sunday, April 22, 2012

The technology is not to link us?

Since several years, our dependence on electricity has become almost total. A simple power outage for a few minutes, and our world is turned upside down. This form of liability it is added the arrival of equipment and daily tools become indispensable for some, such as the Internet or the Smartphone. And other slavery-like technologies are being developed, we driving a little further still into a mi-submit mi-accepted enslavement. But these go too far? Would it not reach the limits of the unreasonable? A still greater dependency. Today, the Google giant wants that your car lead you alone to the desired location. Nokia, for its part, would be attempted to tattoo to communicate with your phone. Some companies even States could even push their customers/citizens to implement an RFID chip under their skin, either for practical questions for the first or security for the latter. And many other examples could be cited. Overall philosophy, which is not new, is a tender to desire more comfort, timeliness, of simplicity, of a multiplication of uses, even more handouts. The Smartphone is currently the best representative: always lighter, more powerful, faster and easier to use. As these products are improving, we become in logically more dependent. It is of course possible to do not use electricity, or watch television, play games, use internet and phone, but today, make such a cessation gives the impression of a regression more than anything else. With a few exceptions, we tend therefore to strengthen, each day a little more, our channels related to our technological cannonballs. This submission is however not a problem if she remains conscious. Have the necessary retreat on this subordination can thus reflect on maximization of the tools, and ways to reduce this dependence. It can also and especially used to imagine non-technological alternatives credible, capable of only our thirst for information and characterized procrastination. In short, deal with our flight forward to still more technology, perhaps we could put in question our current paradigm, where technology can have answer to everything from education to the fight against terrorism, through communication, health and many other topics. Add to all this the importance of differentiation between technology to aid work, personal development, or simply at the entertainment, and the technology that fuels the assistantship, the intellectual regression as physics, and by corollary, a dependency that is beyond the scope of the technical and practice.
-A dangerous auto-submission:
Today, don't know well write in pen by typing the keyboard is not dramatic in itself even if very regrettable, as no longer know how to properly fold a traditional paper newspaper, don't know how to use a road map or even remember the phone numbers of friends and family. Technology, for the sake of ease, however could have perverse, invisible and painless first effects. Tomorrow, some know perhaps more drive by themselves to reduce the number of accidents. May not choose more food, but will be strongly advised by a technology to improve their health. Maybe it will more walk by them, even to go home to the car or public transport because it is less tiring. Perhaps should they necessarily use their subcutaneous RFID chip for any action, even pass a simple door for their safety? Technology must be at the service of man, will know we say stop when she will tend to become his master?

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