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The main dangers on the Internet

The main dangers on the Internet
Young people and the Internet: the dangers of online reputation
The new dangers of the Internet. There is unfortunately not that pornography, violence or racism. The cats, social networks, and chat rooms for teens on the Web have become the preferred means to harass, intimidate, humiliate without forgetting the pedophiles who claim to be of the same age as their victims in order to better encourage them to reveal, for example, the address of their school and their hours of output.
-A few new words:
Cyber grooming: refers to the sexual harassment of minors on the Internet. Attackers approach of young Internet users by asking them about their sexuality, by sending pornographic material or by appearing in a manner inappropriate to their webcam. Often, these aggressors are trying to gradually gain the trust of their victims with objective to develop virtual contacts to real contacts.
Happy Slapping: practice objectionable in which a young person or a group of teenagers assaulted or humiliates a victim, that is generally unknown, while an accomplice filmed the scene with his cell phone, to then disseminate these images of violence on the Internet. Over time, the violence of these free attacks have increased, sometimes up to beating filmed and posted on the Internet. Since then, the vidéolynchage finally won the schools where he target teachers to ridicule them (psychological violence).
Cyber mobbing: Their insults, insult, abuse, injure, ridicule or humiliate a victim on the Internet. The authors transmit messages or photos private to other people, spread rumors, retouch of how shocking photos of the victim or launch of real campaign of intimidation. The aggressor does not face his victim and remains hidden behind its virtual identity. Long, the victims don't know not even that is the source of harassment. This phenomenon is not marginal, it affects between 20 and 40% of the youth.

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