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Dependence on the Internet

Dependence on the internet
Internet addiction (also called Internet addiction, cyberaddiction, use problematic Internet or UPI, disorder of addiction to Internet and TDI) would be a psychological disorder resulting in a compelling and obsessive need to use the Internet.
-Causes and symptoms alleged:
Computer addiction is characterized by all of the problems associated with the use of the computer tool that will have a negative and destructive effect on the user.
-Talking dependency to Internet when symptoms appear:
Alleged psychological symptoms
-the feeling of well-being and euphoria in Internet use
-the inability to stop using Internet
-the need to increase more and more Internet use time (the patient comes to get up at night to use Internet)
-the lack of time for family, friends, or other leisure;
-problems of attendance or performance at work or school
-lies to family or friends on the time spent on Internet;
-depression or irritability when the person is deprived of Internet.
Alleged physical symptoms:
-Dry eyes
-Migraine headaches
-Back pain
-Carpal tunnel syndrome:
-Meals irregular or stir-fried
-Poor personal hygiene
-Insomnia or changes in sleep cycle
Types of dependency:
There are several types of Internet addiction:
-dependency in relational character (e-mail, chat, discussion forum, blog, activities Social Web etc.);
-addiction to video games, especially in network games;
-the General dependency that does not focus on one type of sites or a particular activity.
-dependency information (resulting in this case by a dependence on information sites).

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