Monday, April 2, 2012

The dangers of the Internet

The dangers of the internet
Fight against the dangers of the Internet, such as those of television or video games, is not limited to verification of the content of the programs in their violence or their truth.
Maintenance of the illusions (on oneself, others, social life etc) appears as a major threat.
Some programs/activities/games have hypnotic effects. This hypnosis varies (in front of the spectacular) fascination to stunning.
There is an uptake of the time and energy of the participants.
Study the content remains a permanent working: behaviour of the characters staged are considered as models, they can be immoral or unrealistic, should assess to what extent they contribute to a reasoned humanist education, according to the public, the circumstances. The establishment of a censorship raises questions about the freedom of the individual, personal liability, and the liability of the community. Current Western society has perhaps failed to recognize its responsibility on the maintenance of a collective moral absolute, but there to protect the weak and to educate young.

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