Monday, April 9, 2012

The dangers of the internet for children

The dangers of the internet for children
Closely see the dangers
The rules of safe navigation:
-Never put his address or phone number.
Rule 1: Always ask permission has his parents before disclosing my name, address, telephone number, credit card number and photos.
-Never put his full name! The nicks are available.
Rule 2: Remain anonymous by always using a pseudonym, nickname, nick.
-Learn how to properly use different cats (chronic future)
Rule 3: Conduct them in a respectable manner online. No insulting, coarse message, no threats and not taking on the other. The writings remain! Not to use the Web to spread rumors or threats.
-Do not accept unknown on the lists of courier.
Rule 4: The courier, it is for friends only. Never accept appointments without talking at adults. If it decides all similarly to go, it is in a public place with!
-Learn to read, that is to say, do not click anywhere without knowing what you click.
Rules 5: I do not buy online without permission! There are sites which are traps for the information and use it.
Hazards, this is obviously the personal information an ill-intentioned individuals physically find the child. Known, most need to say, sexual predators abound on the internet. Often, they communicate with the child, establish a link of friendship, posing even a child of their age, or a great friend close to elicit personal information or directly give them appointments. It must be explained to our children, the dangers that exist and made aware of the caution. Learn them to never disclose personal information without your consent, the importance of having a nick and many "behave". Children must learn how to react when things go "wrong". Do not respond and immediately alert an adult. Meet only in the presence of an adult and in a public place.

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