Thursday, April 5, 2012

The main dangers on the Internet

The main dangers on the Internet
The first young victims
-Disinformation: Even if Internet is rich of information of any kind, it also vehicle a quantity of dubious information and without value. Where anyone can easily to disseminate his theories or personal opinions, Internet users and particularly young people must acquire a thought critical that encourages them to test the credibility of information found online.
-Misinformation is common in multiple ways: hate sites that spread defamatory through openly very extremist views commercial sites where advertisers create environments to be both informative and fun only to promote their products to a target audience Web pages, generally personal, where anyone can publish what he wants by claiming that it is true and present mere opinions as facts sites spoof parody, which deliberately induce the visitor in error, either for fun, or for political reasons, or to show young people how it is easy to fool the people online hoax broadcast by email, broadcast false alerts to computer viruses, methods phony to supposedly make his fortune, false chain of hope, false search for missing persons, urban legends and unfounded health alarms.
-Violent or hateful content: A universe of violence that goes from Web pages adolescent to sites who did not hesitate to broadcast images of torture and sadism where a cruel humor reigns typically is found on Internet. A simple mouse click, young people can download music to the very violent words (sometimes censored in the disks sold in the store) and images, video clips and online games while also worrying. Young people also like bloody sites that show real images of accidents, torture or mutilation. Many adolescents regard these as harmless sites, the equivalent of horror movies online, but there is a disturbing combination of violence and sexuality. There are all kinds of hate on the Internet ranging from fanatical racism to the cruel satire of many popular sites for youth. Hate groups such as those militating for the supremacy of the white race, are more and more to the Internet to recruit young people. They use emails and private cats to tackle, from prying, the most vulnerable adolescents.
-Gambling addiction: The recent authorization of games of chance and betting on Internet sites have increased that the impressive number of young people who engage in the game. It has become a more important than smoking, alcohol or drug addiction among adolescents. Youth who have well mastered the new technologies are turning more to the Internet gambling sites because they are easily accessible, practical and anonymous.

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