Monday, April 23, 2012

Safety of children on the Internet

Safety of children on the Internet
The Internet is, for children, a way interesting to learn, have fun and discuss with their classmates, or simply a place for relaxation and exploration. But just like the real world, the world of the Internet can be dangerous for children, especially with respect to the cyber pedophilia and cyber bullying.
Before allowing your child to navigate alone, it is essential to establish a number of rules and it is for you, parents, that the responsibility to monitor what your children do with their computer. Here are a few safety tips to guide your children on the Internet:
Learn how Internet. The best way to know how your child uses the Internet is interest you and navigates with him;
Encourage your child to share experiences on the Internet with you in the same way you talk of his other friends and its non-virtual activities;
Establish a family agreement on the rules of use and talk about dangers to which he may be exposed, such as pornography and pedophilia;
Remember him should never disclose personal information without your permission (name, address, telephone, etc.);
Explain that it should never agree to meet a friend user in person;
Encourage using a nickname that reveals nothing on it (sex, age, etc.);
Install the computer connected to the Internet in a room accessible to the family to avoid surfing solo. Do not install it in the House of the child;
Exercise supervision of its Internet activities; among other things, preselect yourself sites of interest, see the content saved to the computer, check the use of webcam, follow closely your child access to electronic communications (chat, email, message), install a filter for access control (parental control).


  • April 26, 2012 at 10:50 AM
    alicejhon says:

    i agree with you author!
    Keeping children away from laptop or computer is more difficult task.So,it is impossible to keep them away but the possibility is that we should take proper check and balance on them.
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