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A brief history of the internet

A brief history of the internet
The history of the Internet begins with the start of research in 1969, it was then link together computers in different research centres by putting in place a system allowing a single terminal to access remote computers. This network, called Arpanet (Arpa network, or Arpa network) and linked at the beginning only three computers. In 1971, they expanded tests with 15 computers. The 1972, a working group was set up to study architecture for the interconnection of the networks. And in 1973, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn invented the concept of the Internet. The idea was to interconnect different networks by gateways and relay messages from network to network. The protocol used by gateways was called IP (Internet Protocol) Protocol. The first version of the IP protocol was published in 1978, but the standard has become version (version 4) was completed in 1981.
The use of the IP protocol for interconnecting networks previously isolated, the
development of rapid and inexpensive local networks (Ethernet networks) technologies, and the development of multiple applications (e-mail, remote file transfer, etc), quickly made use of the networks "interesting" and "essential". Thus, more than 1000 computers were already connected to the Arpanet in 1984. In 1986, the NSF has implemented a new network, the NSFnet, who acted as a dorsal spine (backbone) covering the United States and linking the various existing networks. The rate at which messages could be sent on this network was to 56,000 bits per second (56 kb/s). This flow was considerable at the time, although be it barely double the flow of available on any recent PC modems (and more knowing that this flow was shared by all users of the network). It took until July 28, 1988, that the France is connected to the NSFnet, a transatlantic link established by the team "networks" of INRIA Sophia Antipolis. The Internet, which is all of the networks connected between them by the IP Protocol, had meanwhile continued its exponential growth with 10,000 computers in 1987. This growth continues: 2 500 000 computers were connected in 1994, and they expected about 17 million to 1 January 1997. Given the current rate of progress, it is expected that the Internet will connect all the computers in the world that the number will exceed the world's population (more than one computer per person) in a few years.

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