Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Internet: the dangers of virtual reality

Internet and children
The Net addiction.
Youth do not spontaneously perceive the internet as a place of hazards or risks. It is imperative to secure children conversations in the salons of discussion (cats) use a parental control software. and never leave a single child on internet, should impose a time limit, and information on what site it goes, nothing does replace the alertness of parents, so long as the authorities have neither the will nor the means to tackle the dangers of the Internet. The progression
the use of the internet is particularly sensitive to the young public. Cats also pose a potential danger that is overlooked. The child used in this style of conversation disconnects from reality invents a virtual world which it is difficult to get out. He spent almost no time his computer in this world disconnecting before its television without talking about the accumulation of the two. Youth today as some adults are more and more pushed to a race to productivity to be the best to do still better in this virtual world they build a world in the image of what a bubble which detains sooner or later asked. Even if it does not appear to need to be applied, in the case of parents failing to monitor, for example the developments of their child on the internet. This new virtual world drug as long as parent or educator we have duty to monitor, control what do our children, even more on the internet of today and tomorrow.

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