Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The dangers of the Internet

The Internet
You've probably already seen on the internet: a simple and fast method to earn between 2000 and 3000 Euros per day!
It abundant on the unscrupulous sites that speak of sports betting. Some call it the fault of Betandwin, others the method of recurring earnings or even method "Half time/full Time. Some of you have lost a lot of money using this method, which leads us to talk about. First of all, be aware that this method does only one thing: make you lose money! Cybercriminals have found a new field to implement their scams: online poker. The risk comes not sites of game, which platforms are sufficiently secure, but users. It identified the most common attack scenarios. What most declinations of scams already well distributed on the Web. The most common tactic seems inspired by the scam to the "Nigerian". In the case of poker, cybercriminals do not promise the transfer of a legacy for the bank details of their victims, but one of hundreds of euros to spend in a casino credit online. The email announcing the "false news" contains a link which leads to a false game site where banking information will be collected by the swindlers. Another scam in vogue is to send an alert to users warning a concern on their online gaming account. They are then invited to go on a Web page to a site colors and provide their personal data to solve the problems. Of course, these information will be used to get the true site of game and steal the money deposited in the account. There still the scenario is not new, this Phishing technique is already widespread: it often is to impersonate a bank or provider of access to personal data. Of false software supposed to to see the set of opponents. To thwart these attempts to scam, nothing beats the vigilance. No game site ask users to provide username and password by e-mail. Better therefore to throw in the trash any message using this type of query. And, in case of doubt on the reliability of a site, it is sufficient to see if well holds an accreditation issued by the regulatory authority of the games (Arjel) online. But the strings used by cybercriminals are not always obvious. They also use spyware and Trojan horses. "The harmful program is able to wake up only when the user logs on a gaming site." "Some are also able to search these data of connection in the computer files." They also resort to the sale of pseudo-logiciels, which for example would see the opponents cards. At best the surfer will be paid a certain amount for a totally ineffective program. At worst, the latter may contain malicious code and the Bank coordinates used for the purchase will be increasingly diverted by cybercriminals. To counter these dangers, the regular updating of applications installed on the computer with the antivirus is recommended, as the use of a firewall. Advice affecting not only the safety of the players, but of all Internet users.

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