Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Internet: the dangers of virtual reality

Danger of the internet
Internet and sex
Could you imagine that a child taperait zoo or animal on its search engine is likely to arrive at a list of animal sites? Indeed, the Internet cares well borders and laws! Many unscrupulous companies understood as porn sites business now represents the bulk of sales of commercial sites. In the absence of a police force of the Internet, and the possibility to enforce specific laws applicable, all remains therefore allowed on the canvas. In France, the gendarmerie and the police track down pedophiles, neo-Nazi or terrorist sites. For other categories, to parents to fend for themselves! That is why it is possible today to a child, through a search on the basis of trivial keywords, falling on one of these millions of pornographic sites! 4% of site visitors have less than 14 years and on average spend 26 minutes per month! I have been confronted with only left children before their computer and surfing for months, see years, without parental control. It is difficult, after these ravages, the child who will become teenager build a sexuality without problems. We have in mind these various facts growing children or pre teens committing rape on images or video views on some sites.

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