Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Tube: The most popular destination on the Internet.

You Tube
YouTube is by far the most popular destination on the Internet for the video, most of which has been posted by users. Almost two-thirds of all video displays in the United States and around the world occur on YouTube. Its success was based on its software rendering for computer users to download videos easily, and the effect that only the most important network that has been loaded, more attractive where the site has become for viewers and for others, seeking to share the content. Google has tried to work with the major media companies to find a way that they could take advantage of the ubiquity of YouTube is a formula that attracts heavy traffic and to attract more publicity, YouTube is working to add more professionally produced video.

Teaming with a powerful partner.

In early November 2011, it was announced that Disney Interactive Media and YouTube would spend a combined 10 million to 15 million for the original video series. short films will be produced by Disney and distributed on a co-branded on and YouTube channel. The channel will also feature video amateur from the torrent downloaded on YouTube every day. The alliance was striking because it tacitly recognized the weaknesses of each company. Disney, working on a redesign of its Web site, conceded that his own brand was not a strong enough draw in children looking for online video; YouTube is considered as more fresh. Disney will go fishing youth on YouTube YouTube faced a significant part of its own something site that the company hopes will be cajoling kids to stay longer.

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