Saturday, March 17, 2012

Explosion of the euro: London prepares for the disappearance of the euro

Disappearance of the Euro.
London, it is the authorities that evoke, in oblique terms, the question. For example, a head of the financial services Authority said that British banks must be ready to face all the possibilities, even the worst. Prime Minister David Cameron was similarly the subject a few days ago. "Here, outside the euro, it must prepare for all eventualities and that is exactly what we do." Then in such an eventuality, the companies test different methods to escape the disaster scenario. Place of currency reserves in secure investments and reduce expenditures which are not essential: this is the measures taken by the companies concerned. They put in place plans to limit their spending, or then place reservations where they will be most in security, including central banks. The Financial Times referred to the example of Siemens, which has its own bank for more than a year, to reduce its dependence on institutions affected by the crisis, and places the European Central Bank funds. The first brokerage company for exchange rates and Government bonds, said late November that it tested its trading system so that it is resistant to a collapse of the euro area. And it is not the only one, the leader of an investment fund a England also said that a team of 20 people in its business entirely devoted to the management of all possible scenarios.

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