Sunday, March 4, 2012

Evolution of Facebook

Evolution of Facebook

If some like MySpace remains essential, it is Facebook who knows the most impressive progress and great enthusiasm, to such point that each new statistics on the number of users is already expired at the time of its publication. Created in 2006, it has 150 million users worldwide in January 2009. The French version was released online in March 2008. A view of its evolution gives an idea on this explosive power mounted order. Facebook can create a job for many person. The platform would be the origin of nearly $ 1.9 billion of economic activity in France. Hundreds of companies have activity to create applications in the areas of the game, entertainment and services for Facebook. This "economy apparatus" argued, according to the study, 2 100 jobs in France in 2011. The launch, last week, applications timeline should still contribute to the dynamism of this ecosystem. Facebook is an ecosystem of publishers of software and services company in full  growth that will create applications and innovative services of tomorrow. This ecosystem is the symbol of the digital economy is growing despite the current economic crisis

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