Thursday, March 15, 2012

Explosion of the euro: companies have already started to prepare the upheaval

Explosion of the buying Euro
Journalists met with dozens of officials of multinationals. Their question was simple: do you envisage the end of the euro? And the answers, in their vast majority, positive. The leaders of large companies already to think about the consequences of the demise of the single currency, and try to anticipate it. Why make such projections? Business leaders look for several weeks the European leaders to fight to try to control the sovereign debt crisis or raise the output of the Greece of the euro area. In this context, they are many to estimate that it is now necessary to prepare against a possible disappearance of the single currency. However, in the business community, it seems that this perspective is increasingly considered: in mid-November, on the other shows that about 250 economists almost half think that the euro as we know not survive in its current form. The impact of such a scenario on their activities would be important if countries of the euro, there is a risk of devaluations which will increase significantly the price of imports. And business leaders are not alone in the scenario.

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