Sunday, March 11, 2012

First disaster of YouTube in the world: a year later, how the tsunami has changed in the Japan (and the world) forever

It is the disaster at the Japan tore and costs tens of thousands of lives. But it was also the first natural disaster to play in real time on the new 24 hours and especially through social media channels. Around the world, people was planted with horror in front of millions of computers and television screens as large waves relieve everything in their path. Here, the correspondent of CNN KYUNG LAH recalled a day terrible destruction and how his country has been changed forever.The Japanese are proud as a culture of emotional restraint and decorum. I had rarely seen a flicker of emotion on a Japanese public street of passers-by, especially during an earthquake. A year after, and the power of the disaster is now fully understood around the world, thanks in large part to the incredible video shot on mobile phones by those caught at the epicentre. The Japan each person has at least a mobile phone, and when the tsunami tore its northeast coast, removed thousands of device in their pockets and began shooting, the disaster of the year last of history more registered around the world.
A year later, there is also the voice of anger and protest. The city of Tomioka silk mill is within the area of Government evacuation. But this does not preclude Naoto Matsumura, 52, a lifelong farmer resident and the fifth generation, refusing to take account of the mandatory evacuation since nuclear fusion. "I am full of rage," said Matsumura. "This is why I am still here." I refuse to leave and let go of the anger and grief. I cry when I see my hometown. The Government and the people of Tokyo know what happens really here. 
His mistrust began with a simple desire to feed the animals on his farm. The Government evacuated 78 000 people around the plant explosion without a plan to save the pets and valuable animals. Matsumura began to feed his own animals, desperate cats and dogs in the neighbourhood started appear. He began to feed too and decided that he could not leave to die. When Matsumura was a lack of food, he slid out of the box, purchased dog and cat food, and then dragged into the city.
Carcasses of animals of the litter box. It is shameful, said Yasunori Hoso with United Kennel Club Japanese.We kept asking the Government to save these animals from the beginning of the disaster. It must have been a way to save the people and animals at the same time following the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

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