Monday, March 5, 2012

The dependence of the internet for Asian

The dependence of the internet for Asian
Want to catch in new technologies, Beijing seems also to be advanced on the treatment of "perversions" that can lead this new universe! China could become the first country in the world to classify "Internet addiction" as "clinical disease". A manual written by a conclave of psychologists Chinese on the subject, and now submitted to the Ministry of health for validation. "If this is the case, China will become the first country to recognize the  IAD (Internet addiction disorder) as a disease at the same level as alcoholism or addiction to the game.
The two main symptoms would spend more than 6 hours per day on the Internet or have violent and uncontrolled reactions when it is unable to connect. The most common deviations would be then the game and betting on Internet, online porn, the too strong commitment in virtual social networks or too many "shopping" on the Web. 10% of the 40 million minor Chinese Internet users would be with this addiction, crimes committed by minors would be linked to the Internet. To do this, the problem of dependence on the Chinese internet is more serious than in the West.
Article does not mention the growing trend of 250 million Chinese Internet users to denounce the injustices and abuse of authority as deviance. The fact that the Internet, even under control, or many Chinese the only real area of freedom of expression is not for nothing in their dependence on the computer. But Chinese people is emerging on the Web is sometimes watched with concern from the Chinese authority.

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