Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dependence on the Internet

dependency on technology of the Internet
Our increasing dependency on technology of the Internet as a pillar of a global society seems unprecedented. Many aspects of international trade and finance are today dependent on the integrity and the State of the global connectivity of the Internet. The choices that we operate on the way we govern Internet technology could have a large impact on the economic, social and environmental sustainability. Deregulation in many industrialized countries has encouraged an explosion of communication offers. Telephone, cable television and Internet service providers invading each in the traditional market of the other leading to a convergence of technologies related to the voice, data and computer available using a combination of new and old infrastructure. These trends suggest a future in which anyone can connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime, and a future in which the Internet will be the cornerstone of all exchanges of information and all communications. In other words, the future of the global connectivity comes down to that of the Internet itself. It is essential to deepen our understanding of the critical uncertainties regarding the Internet of the future if we want to understand the form that could take the global connectivity system. Policies and agreements put in place by multilateral agencies, international and national to address critical Internet uncertainties could play a fundamental role to guide the evolution of the global connectivity system and determine if the transformations it will contribute to global sustainability. Thus, the fact of not to consider how technology choices could limit the access and use by new players could lead to a slowdown in the adoption of the Internet and the fact that the last few billion users no additional never to the community users of the Internet or have only partial access. In addition, do not resolve disputes about what is perceived as inequalities could lead some decision-makers to choose the path of the fragmentation of the Internet as a last resort to meet their local needs.

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