Sunday, March 4, 2012

1 billion users in August 2012

Evolution of Facebook
With 1 connected to the network to 10 inhabitants of this planet, Facebook would be the 3rd country in the world and its capital would be Jakarta! All facebooker designed you a chart showing the evolution of the number of active accounts on the network, indeed, the 665 million and more identified users today do not represent as individuals! Business accounts, double or triple accounts, fake profiles, the creators of groups are taken into account. Currently and since his breakthrough in the summer 2008, the network welcomed 100 million new accounts every 6 months! This figure is an average (500 million in two years and a half) and the current trend is even closer to 5 months, which shows that the phenomenon has not yet reached the level of maturity! According to the US agency iCrossing, the social network Facebook could cross the bar of the 1 billion users by the year 2012. Taking into account its pace, this symbolic cap could be achieved as early as August. At the beginning of the year, Facebook has just over 800 million of registered. Just go to Facebook? That who can stop the network in its development? Is the network on the way to the 1 billion?

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