Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The French trace good business 5 h per week on the internet

French women and the purchase on internet
Addicted to shopping have a new hunting ground: internet. According to a study published and commissioned by eBay and Terrafmina.com sites, the French spend on average five hours per week on e-commerce sites and more than 52% buy online at least once a month. Clothing and accessories are the most frequently purchased products, to cultural products and cosmetics, said the press release. Women at home before seeking on the canvas a saving of time and money. They spend an hour less than the general population of women in e-commerce, or four hours per week, but they are more demanding on the time and the cost of delivery. Only 18% of women in General and 16% of women in the home are food shopping on the web. However, 10 6 greet the possibility to order on the internet and remove articles hours after in a point of physical withdrawal. 58% visit sites of sales between individuals and opportunity and 51% private sales sites. More than a third (36%) were tested for grouped purchases, 15% have already purchased via a mobile phone and 9% with a tablet.

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