Monday, March 5, 2012

Internet: the dangers of virtual reality

The internet and its danger

Chinese researchers studied the brains of persons dependent on the World Wide Web. Abuse of the Internet proves to be as destructive to the human leads system than alcohol or cigarettes.
It is the white matter of the brain that is reached, especially areas that are responsible for emotional processing. "The person loses control of the situation and his life and Internet becomes a kind of substitute for the reality." Internet addiction manifests itself in more ways. But its main symptom is what the person to disconnect from reality, it is surexcitée but shows signs of apathy when it comes to act in real life, she has found it difficult to make a decision, it has sleep disorders.
Mental state is closely related to the physical condition, the person becomes quickly apathetic, takes the weight, moving little. She lost the notion of time and prefer virtual friends real friends.
This study, it was commissioned by the Chinese leadership including the breakdown for the Internet is well known? The Chinese seek autonomy in all areas including Internet. They are trying to make minimal outside influence. Their objective is to preserve their national identity as Internet is not always a source of positive influence. One remembers all wars won on the canvas, revolutions organized via social networks. It therefore shared the concern of the Chinese leadership but it is not the Internet influence on the political level but that exercised on the individual plan.

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