Thursday, March 22, 2012

The internet, first world travel agency and Kingdom of the system.

Internet and travel
They remain close to home or travel the world, vacationers organize more and more their own trips, direct consequence of the internet become the location of all the possible and the Kingdom of the system, let alone at the time of the tablets and smartphones.
The largest Agency of travel in the world today, it is the internet: everywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. With the particularity that it is in your pocket. The internet has allowed a diversification of the offer of tickets and travel and tracking practices and acts of consumer purchase, enthusiasts of good offers. If the show global tourism in Paris, which runs from Thursday to Sunday, hoping to revive activity tense three years for tour operators and travel agents, particularly because the Arab spring that collapse in 2011 destinations lighthouse as the Egypt or the Tunisia package tours, all is well in contrast with the holidays online. Travel has become the most important market of e-commerce in France, both in terms of penetration - more than one Internet user on two purchased travel online - and in terms of value: sales soared to EUR 12 billion in 2011, an increase of 14%, a total of 37 billion for e-commerce.And, whether sites "B to C" tickets or tours sold directly to the consumer, or "C to C" such as for example private rentals or exchanges of apartments, all growing. With the arrival of the "silver surfers", these seniors acquired charms of the internet, the generational perspective, which was initially users were rather young - but also urban, graduates and male, it is gradually closed. Today, a visitor in five reserve its rental via the internet. And more in addition to consumers to concoct Web holidays tailor-made, for ease of reference, because the supply is abundant, that they believe in a so lean addition or because that malignant purchase has a playful dimension. "We Exchange then advice on social networks or dinners".The great phenomenon today of the tourist attitude, it is the in-house. Tourism is no longer in the hands of tour operators. With internet platforms, it is what you want. People know to fend for themselves, to make their holidays. They enjoy a more personalized stay. Tourism Web sites abound, but the browsers and other internet tools help to sort and identify images.

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