Friday, March 2, 2012

Evolution of the Internet.

The internet access.

Before the Internet take the boom is known, it was  separate systems: telephone, television and video, individual computer systems that store and transmit voice, video and data. Today, these systems converge towards the Internet. The phenomenon of convergence is not only networks platforms, but also the content, with video to the request and on networks IP (IPTV) television, business models, with bundles of television services, Internet access and telephony, and the equipment used, combining, for example, e-mail, phone and Internet access.
Thus, we entered the era of convergent media. Users transfer about 10 hours of video per minute You Tube video sharing Web site. In 2008, there are almost 300 million registered users of the VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) software Skype, which allows to call around the world for free or for a derisory supplement using Internet access. The convergence of the media joined also in more and more the mobile sector, with the expansion of networks broadband wireless. The phenomenon of convergence and investments that are beginning to be involved in next generation networks will give the fibre optic networks very high flow "to the home". A more important role, in view of the new applications such as TV high definition and video on demand, very gourmandes bandwidth. In regulatory terms, the issues raised by convergence are not simple. With migration to Internet Protocol-based networks, a network can carry many types of converged services. The Government therefore face the necessity of reforming the regulation of broadcasting and telecommunications services in depth. If regarding the future of the economy Internet, the challenge is to find the best way to stimulate a competitive environment in the context of changing technologies and markets, to ensure that the Internet will be able to meet increasing expectations, related to the development of the networks very broadband, fibre and wireless. To do this, it must assess the impact of convergence on competition, the regulatory and policy issues concerning infrastructure and services networks, Outlook suggests the cross-platform competition, and what it  implies increased connectivity, pricing, sustainable competition, investment and innovation. Given the convergence of platforms of communication towards the use of Internet Protocol (IP), IP addresses are becoming essential to the scalability of the Internet and therefore the continued growth of the e-economy, because all equipment connected to the Internet need IP addresses to communicate. More than 85% of the four billion blocks of IPv4 addresses are currently assigned and it is anticipated that the current unallocated IP version 4 address space will be exhausted in a few years. The deployment of the new version of the Internet Protocol - IP version 6 (IPv6) is required for the use of the Internet can continue to grow. But this kind of change is difficult and takes time, as well as resources and a commitment from all stakeholders, including public authorities.

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