Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Addiction and Internet: addiction similar to that of the drug and alcohol

Addiction and Internet
Internet is more and more at the centre of our daily lives. Obvious disruption is found on our social behaviour and our spirit. Without for the moment to take all the consequences, more in addition to researchers study the effects of the uses of the Internet. The bumps to the Web people would suffer brain changes similar to those dependent on drugs or alcohol. Internet addiction is a clinical disorder marked by the use of the Internet out of all control. Also called computer addiction or cyberaddiction, this mental health disorder becomes more present since the onset of the Internet in all sectors of society. In this sense, a research team led by Dr. Hao Lei of the China Academy of Sciences in Wuhan, conducted a scanner in the brains of 35 men and women aged between 14 and 21 years. Seventeen of them were classified as having Internet addiction disorders. These results have been completed including on the basis of a specific questionnaire. For the study, a specific brain MRI showed changes in the white matter of the brain part that contains nerve fibres for classified people as being addicted to the Web, from the non-toxicomanes. Researchers have noticed evidence of disruption of connections in nerve fibres connecting the areas of the brain involved in emotion, decision making and self control.

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