Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our daily changes with new technology

Our daily changes with new technology
Develop a critical and thoughtful attitude to information appears all the more necessary for the young generation it is naturally attracted to relays such as the radio, television or Internet. The Web already appears firmly planted in its habits. Youth daily can be found on the Web with MSN Messenger, Facebook, video games network, and alternate between these different media. Young people remain much attached to the television media, even if Internet took more extent. Now, young people speak less strings or television program with their friends as 10 years ago. In addition, it is on the canvas that children will find themselves, because 18% of 4-14 years report to go on the Internet only accompanied by 28% and 27% only and accompanied by. What new social rules which also obey adult followers of new technologies. But this is not so much the technology that fascinates young people as its possibilities. Most are not interested in using the computer as a tool. More OK, it becomes a media. In the 1980s, computer languages such as Basic or the Pascal, were passionate many teenagers at the beginning of the placing on the market of individual computers. It seems more to be the case. It is the Act of communicating the information technology that engages their interest now. Members of a home often use the media together or in turn, and they discuss. It is the usual role of television. The 25-54 years are part of these; they have even increased their attendance of the small screen. Traditionally, television brings the members of a family more than radio or newspapers. Regarding programs, Internet provides free and instant information on the choice of emissions, films and other broadcast series, a TV magazine reading remains a distracting habit in many homes. The joint practice of these media is undeniable, but this was not always the case with new technologies. Women and older people more time to turn to this tool than men and less than 25 years. But now, Internet is used by all, and the MP3/MP4, for example. And this trend does not appear to decrease since, between 2008 and 2009, there was a global quadrupling of equipment in new technologies with, for example, a trebling of the Smartphone equipment. Thus, despite the crisis, multimedia remained the field in which young people have made least of sacrifices.

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