Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The main dangers on the Internet

The main dangers on the Internet
The main dangers on the Internet
The first young victims
Youth are the population most exposed and the most targeted by predators of all kinds on the Net. It is indeed a reference media: more than 83% of the 12/17 years are connected to the Internet and the phenomenon increases with the development of the mobile Internet (mobile phone). The Web is a space of temptation, a playful space but also a risk space in which children are vulnerable. Here are the main hazards to which they may face:
-Non-respect for privacy:
The ability to interact and communicate with others is one of the major attractions that Internet has on young people. They like to discuss in instant messaging, play online and filling out forms to participate in contests and surveys. As a result, they leave many traces on the Internet including if they have a blog or page in social networks (twitter, facebook...). 
Youth privacy can be invaded in different ways: 
Fill forms to participate in the competition of the commercial Web sites, provide information concerning to strangers in a cat (discussion forum) or instant messaging (messenger type), give personal information in their registration to various Internet services or software (instant messaging, chat, file sharing, etc.), provide their personal profile registration to e free emails or instant messaging accounts, provide information at the opening of a blog or a page on a social network, provide photos and information private on a blog or a social network.

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