Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online press: the giant Google stops fees

Online press: the giant Google stops fees
The group closes One Pass, its solution of micro payment for publishers. What should be the response of Google to Apple or, at least, a valuable alternative for newspaper publishers online? But without results and strategic interest for the giant the Internet search, Google has closed its platform of micro payment One Pass, it announced Friday. At the launch of One Pass in February 2011, Google promised a service allowing publishers to maintain a direct relationship with their customers and to set their own prices and conditions for their digital content. Identifying through a unique password, users could then view this content from a tablet, Smartphone or on a Web site. Another asset: Google charged that 10% of transactions, 30% taken by Apple. Our ambition is to provide an open and flexible platform that strengthens our commitment to support press editors, journalism and the qualities of content access, then assured Google. Several groups press Europeans as the German Axel Springer (Bild, Die Welt), the Spanish Prisa or Le Nouvel Observateur in France, had succumbed to the siren song. Late last year, booth digital French ePresse Premium, to which belongs the Figaro, was in turning announced the adoption of the One Pass payment solution. But a year later, the tone has changed in the Group of Mountain View. We have so many opportunities before us we have to make choices to have the impact we want, said the giant Google in a blog note. The group details is a new list of products and services that will evolve or close, according to the wishes of Larry Page, now PDG of the group in April 2011. He had announced in October, on the occasion of the publication of quarterly results, the end of 20 products. Since then, the Group regularly publishes points on its internal spring cleaning.
-Soon surveys:
To not appear to let the editors of press in the Ford, Google promises to help them migrate to other platforms. They figure the polls Google Consumer Survey service, launched late March. It offers publishers to make money (0.05$ per survey) by inviting their readers to answer a brief survey to a paying section. It is still a new option next to systems of micro payment as Cleeng, AlloPass or even Facebook Credits.

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